Virginia Tech Power Mac G5 Supercomputer Cluster photos posted online

Virginia Tech Supercomputer Cluster composed of 1100 PowerMac G5’s photos have been posted to the website.

“…the total cost of the Supercomputer Cluster comes to $5.2 million… the overall cost of the system is said to be ‘one of the cheapest systems of its kind.’ In determining which architecture to use, many vendors were considered beyond Apple — including Dell, Sun, IBM and HP. The final decision, however, was made on a pure Cost vs Performance basis — with Apple’s solution providing the best overall price,” reports. Full article here.

See the cluster taking shape here.


  1. Mine is the one on the 2nd row down, 3rd from the left!
    But I don’t mind waiting (too much)… this is great advertising for Apple.
    No, honestly – I can’t wait!

  2. It’s great to see my alma mater choosing the new G5’s for their supercomputer cluster. This is, indeed, great advertisement for the Mac in the academic and scientific communities. The emphasis that the Apple G5 approach was chosen on the basis of price/performance after receiving proposals from Dell, among others, is fantastic.

    I have to wonder how much nicer the cluster would look if all of the computers were (as of yet unavailable) dual processor G5 Xserves, though. You could hold them all in about 27 racks, give or take plus a couple more for the Xserve RAID’s, if needed. At twelve G5 PowerMac ‘s per rack the current approach must take close to 100 racks.

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