The other half of ‘Wintel’ warns about Asian ‘anything but Microsoft’ plans

“Asian attempts to create regional standards for computer and communications technologies are doomed to failure, according to Craig Barrett, the chief executive of Intel,” report Tom Foremski and Richard Waters for The Financial Times. “The head of the world’s largest semiconductor company said efforts to use local standards to protect and nurture local technology companies had been tried before and produced only short-term results. Mr. Barrett’s comments come two weeks after officials from China, Japan and South Korea agreed to co-operate on the development of software applications based on the free Linux computer operating system.” Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Craig Barrett, chief FUD-slinger of Intel. Microsoft and Intel are scared to death over this. This plan would blow a hole wide open in the Wintel hegemony that would allow the likes of Apple (especially with Mac OS X) and the Linux camp(s) to demonstrate the many unique and superior elements these OSes bring to the table and, significantly, to a very large market with which the rest of the world would have to be compatible. Every statement out of Microsoft and Intel on this subject is suspect because this Asian plan is the last thing “Wintel” would ever want because it doesn’t include the Tweedle Dee and Dum of computing.

“‘What’s good for you is good for me,’
Says Tweedle-dee Dum to Tweedle-dee Dee

Well, they’re living in a happy harmony
Tweedle-dee Dum and Tweedle-dee Dee
They’re one day older and a dollar short
They’ve got a parade permit and a police escort

They’re lying low and they’re makin’ hay
They seem determined to go all the way
They run a brick and tile company
Tweedle-dee Dum and Tweedle-dee Dee

Tweedle-dee Dee is a lowdown, sorry old man
Tweedle-dee Dum, he’ll stab you where you stand
‘I’ve had too much of your company,’
Says, Tweedle-dee Dum to Tweedle-dee Dee”

– Bob Dylan

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  1. First to post!!

    I can decide if Barrett is stupid or pretend to be stupid. The OS will be based on Linux, an open source OS. How did he jump to the conclusion that the OS will be based on proprietary standards? Even if whatever is built on the top of this OS is proprietary, it still does not mean it can’t communicate with the rest of the world.

    Funny how Intel and Microsoft talk about standards when it is they who disregard many standards for their own advantage. When they talk about standards, they always mean Microsoft or Intel defined standards and everybody should pay royalties to them.

  2. There was a time in this country, not too long ago, when GM had almost a 70% market share in the car market. Not the domestic market, the total US market. Now they are running at about 30-35%. Credit Toyota/Honda/Nissan//VW/etc. Back then nobody could ever see anyone taking significant market share from GM, we now know different. Before GM, Ford had a period of Similar market dominance.
    Steve Jobs has said that OS X will be the basis of the Mac OS for the next 10-15 years, and we can only guess at how good it’s going to get as the OS gets refined and extended. Since LINUX is a UNIX based OS, and is based upon open standards, Mac OS X users have nothing to fear and should encourage this development.
    The main reason M$ got as dominant as it has is due to a couple of things:
    1) Gross ineptitude in marketing at Apple.
    2) Underinvestment in developing Mac OS for enterprise networking and the internet in the 1994-1998 period.
    3) Illegal actions by Microsoft that have resulted in settlements with Apple, Netscape, Be and others.
    4) Gross ineptitude by the DOJ in their prosecution of Microsoft.
    We cannot go back and undo what was done in the past, but Apple is clearly on track with OS X and the G5 PPC. Great 32-bit performance with a clear uninterrupted pathway to 64-bit computing, while the Wintel camp is in disarray, disunity and lacking a clear path foreward. Give the 32-bit era to Microsoft in the history books, but the dawn of 64-bits is upon us and Apple is currently in the driver’s seat. Only time will tell if they can make this next era the era of Mac OS dominance (or UNIX based LINUX/Mac OS dominance).

  3. “Mr. Barrett’s comments come two weeks after officials from China, Japan and South Korea agreed to co-operate on the development of software applications based on the free Linux computer operating system.”

    And 2 minute’s after he’d got off the phone with Bill Gates.

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