The Motley Fool: Steve Jobs right yet again; ‘This is clearly the year of the notebook’

“With computer makers growing their laptop sales at significantly higher rates than their desktop siblings, the time has come for portable computing to replace its bulkier predecessor,”’s commentray page trumpets.

“As Apple was introducing its latest line of notebook computers earlier this week, colorful CEO Steve Jobs revealed that its laptop business was now making up 42% of the company’s computer sales — and gaining,” writes Rick Aristotle Munarriz for The Motley Fool.

“‘This is clearly the year of the notebook for Apple,’ he said to what should have been a giddy congregation at this week’s Apple Expo. He’s right. Portable computing is hot,” writes Munarriz.

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  1. Yes portable computing is hot–maybe there are people in
    the Philipines who I would consider a genius for being able to
    divine that portable computing is hot but for anyone living
    between in North America it should not come as a surprise that
    portable computing is where its at–Jeez Jobs is the same genius
    who figures out that computers might come in colors. Well here is
    another clue for you all, how about making a durable laptop that
    and something that you can carry it around in that enhance its
    portability so that you dont have to buy a laptop and be afraid to
    take it out of the box for fear the screen will shatter or that it will
    scratch or dent. How long did it take Steve Jobs to figure out that
    maybe those girly hinges on the lap top werent a better idea? And
    you know, Titanium came to my mind a long long time ago only I
    was thinking of some sort of scratch off titanium, I was thinking of
    actual durable titanium. sheesh. Yeah Steve Jobs has himself
    in a box alright because he cant come out with 65 64bit lap tops
    until he has sold some towers becuase the av ailability of a lap top
    that could do most everything a tower could do would seriosuly
    erode into the sales of the new g5 towers. So we have to wait
    some artificial amount of time before the g5 is introduced into
    the lap top. Its like a penalty. Inmy humble O , there are reasons
    why I would buy a tower and other reasons why I would buy a lap

  2. I think you’re way off on the reasons that we haven’t seen the G5 in a portable yet. It’s too big, too hot, and uses too much power. That’s supposed to be rectified when the 980 comes out, but would you rather they waited until that was ready before they announced the G5 desktops? I’m sure everybody who bought one is glad they didn’t. Besides, the amount of potential power in the G5 dual 2 gig will probably never be able to fit in a portable. 2 G5’s, plus 8 gigs of RAM? It’d have to be a far site bigger than the 17″. For those that need that much power, they’ll never get away from their desktop.

  3. Hey Lisa, my 3 year old Titanium Powerbook is still kicking ass and I take it everywhere I go. No shattered screen, no broken hinge, never a problem.

    If people act like jackoffs and bang their laptops on the ground to see if it will break, it will. If you treat it with a small bit of care it’ll run flawlessly for as long as you need it to.

  4. Lisa please please please proofread your typing before hitting the post button theres such a thing as punctuation you know and it would make it a lot easier to understand what your trying to say if youd just break your stream of consciousness into bitesize pieces known as sentences nothing personal but it just makes me crazy reading dozens of posts every day in which the writer clearly has given no thought to communicating clearly but is just dumping theyre thoughts raw and unedited onto the keyboard like a big psychic upchuck.

  5. No need to treat it like a baby. My daughter was playing with her stroller around the table while I was working and connected to the power.
    One of the wheels grabbed the cable and SWOOSH the Powerbook flew in the air to hard land on the hardwood floor.

    There – I thought – $3000 gone as I witnessed the case cracked broken and a black screen. Just for the heck: I powerd it up and the welcoming chime responded joyfully. Still working perfectly. Only the beautycase is broken. Nothing, NOTHING malfunctional. I still have it and sport the cracked case as a trophy and proof of the sturdiness of its construction.

    If that happened with any Pee-Cee crap out there my wife would still be vacuum cleaning bits here and there scattered around the house.
    Fragile? Give me a BREAK! Literally.

  6. I must agree with the distinguished Seahawk. My TiBOOK 1ghz was dropped 4 feet when my little 2yr old pulled it off the table. No cracks, works without any problems. I think in one corner there is a very slight play of space between the metal bottom and plastic frame but not noticeable unless you look for it.

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  8. Hywel, you obviously have a bright career as an editor or writer ahead of you. Just two little mistakes – “research” is an uncountable noun, so you don’t need “a” before it, and you forgot to put “the” between “taht” and “frist”. Other than that, I’d suggest you consult a dictionary once in a while for proper spelling. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    You know what’s really amazing? I found it easier to read Hywel’s post than Lisa’s.

    Oh, and Franky? Everyone knows you should only use a laptop in a padded room, preferably one of those inflatable moonwalk things they have at the county fair.

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