Steve Jobs the 78th richest American with $2.3 billion in Forbes ranking

“In what has become an institution, Forbes magazine’s annual ranking of mega-rich Americans shows… Steve Jobs of Apple Computer moved up 44 places in the rankings to 78th [with US$2.3


  1. I am pretty sure Billy Gates must be able to find some 80 critical holes where to send the ball even in a single round. He cannot escape from professional features even on the golf course.

  2. People think these are the richest people – they are the richest employed people. There is no mention of the old-money stinking rich investor class, the wealthiest minority who pay no taxes and the IRS can’t even estimate their total worth – You know the 0.1% which own 75% of the nation’s wealth, who lurk largely behind the scenes. Jobs’ $2.x Billion is chump change to these people. Even Bill Gates is not welcome in these peoples’ secret societies!

  3. I have always believed that some of the most despised people get away with it. Gates is one of them. Offering an OS that is riddled with holes and still makes money. It’s astounding. It’s all in the pitch and getting those people to bite the bait.

  4. According to Forbes’ lists, as of February Bill Gates’ fortune was about $40.7 billion. That’s less than half what it was on the same list in 1999 – $90 billion.

    Here are his estimates (by Forbes) for the last several years:

    1997 – $36 billion
    1998 – $51 billion
    1999 – $90 billion
    2000 – $60 billion
    2001 – $58 billion
    2002 – $52 billion
    2003 – $40 billion

  5. The wealthy get away with it because it is no secret that the wonderful U.S. of A. has the best government money can buy. This is why Billy is so pissed-off, because Microsoft doesn’t have this same leverage in Europe. I suppose for some odd reason, the European countries tend to be a bit more sensitive to a single person having too much power and control. Apparently, Billy doesn’t understand why the Europeans don’t want one person to even come close to monopolizing the flow of information and productivity. (He must have skipped history class that day to develop the concept of one program loading another program without the user being aware.)

    I think the rest of the world is pissed-off at Americans for allowing such a tyrant of crapware to infest the rest of the world. Such an egomaniac selling cheap, unstable, security-vulnerable, computer operating systems should have been stopped 15 years ago as a national security risk and a danger to public safety and privacy.

    The US government has forced product recalls for MUCH weaker reasons than this. WE, the people and governmemt, should insist that Microsoft place a warning label on ALL of their products with known vulnerabilities (All versions of Windows, Outlook, IE, etc.)…

    “This product is VULNERABLE TO EXTERNAL TAMPERING and should NOT be used with any sensitive public or private data, especially when the device is connected to external data lines (Ethernet, Internet, modem, Wi-Fi, etc.) or can be directly accessed physically by non-authorized individuals! Data could be unknowingly erased, duplicated, or transferred.”

    Why do we tolerate such a damaging computer system? Are you waiting for your congress(wo)men to do something? If they had a choice between reading your li’l email message or opening an envelope from Bill Gates with a check for their re-election campaign fund, where do you think their attention is going to be?

  6. With all of that money and thousands of the world’s best programmers under his thumb, are you so stupid as to think that he can’t make a secure OS? PALEEEEEZZZE!! WAKE UP!!! It’s not like he’s trying to create an anti-gravity machine. It’s lame day-to-day data handling; THAT’S ALL!! No magic. No mystical energy source. Just stupid computer code. He MAKES the holes to collect sensitive data. It’s the ultimate “Data is power” trip!!

    Every patch that is released, it opens 2 more for him.

    I can get 5 MIT grads to make a better core OS in 6 months than Microsoft has ever done.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to have so many programmers make THIS MANY mistakes without it being intentional!!!

    Gates is total power-hungry psycho, and you’ll NEVER see anything from his little labs that is 100% secure. He MUST have the upper hand, and will always have a backdoor for himself, an into your personal life. It’s a PURE power rush for him. The only thing that is secure is his OWN coding; he’ll NEVER release the OS codes. Once that is done, others will improve it and shut down all of his li’l backdoors within weeks.

    All Gates has ever done is steal ideas, make them vulnerable or “leaky”, then prevents anyone from seeing what he did by “protecting his code”. Please, tell me, what else has Gates EVER done?!!

    My prediction:
    – 2 yrs – Gates’ keeps his ego-plan while virii authors continue to find these holes.
    – 3 yrs – Public is tired of Bill’s games, and move to Apple systems. Apple hasover 10% of ALL computer sales.
    – 4 yrs – Apple’s growth has become exponential as the public is educated about Mac and myths are quickly replaced by facts.
    – 6 yrs – Teens crack into Windows core and publish it.
    – 6.5 yrs – Government has proof of intentional data-tapping by Gates. Public outcry for compensation of decades of lost/stolen data.
    – 8 yrs – Gates and Microsoft are finally brought to trial: fined $120B.
    – 8.5 yrs – Public wants the $120B to go to education, and after congressional sessions, $200M goes to impoverished school systems and the remainder vanishes into various special-interest projects in the congressmen’s home towns.

  7. The richest man is not the one who has the most,
    but the man who needs the least.

    According to this formula…

    …I’m fairly rich ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  8. You’re all a bunch of losers. .1% don’t own 75% of the wealth. Propaganda from…losers. Rich people don’t bring misery to the world. Focus your anger on yourself and cheer up – and go make some dough. There’s nothing wrong with being rich – but there is something wrong with hating the rich just because…they’re rich. Jealousy gets you nowhere.

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