Why do Mac owners love their computers while Windows users barely tolerate theirs?

“Okay, published estimates for computer use indicate most people use something other than Macs. ‘So,’ you ask, ‘why a Mac-centric column? Why read it when I use something else?’ Are you happy with your computer choice? Ever ask yourself why Mac owners love their computers while Windows users barely tolerate theirs? Why Mac users who hate Windows are those forced to it at work but Windows users who hate Macs have never used one,” Marc L. Rubinstein asks for The Casco Bay Weekly (CBW) in Portland, Maine?

“Almost everything you read, listen to or watch is Mac-made. Mac


  1. Macs are just too sexy and PCs are just to bland.

    It’s like putting Selma Hayek and Janet Reno next to each other and asking you to pick the sexier of the two.

    I guess there are just some people who will pick Janet.

    But yes, I have met people who actually think Windows XP is some great innovation. Then I show them Mac OS X. The first reaction I get is “Wow!”

  2. It is always amusing to see the average Wintel ignoramous bash a Mac while readinging his magazine, newspaper, products brochure totally unaware that ALL of them were produced on Macintosh computers by graphics professionals who ACTUALLY HAVE USED a Windows PC in their lives and know that they are cheap immitations of REAL QUALITY in computing.

    IF you wnat to know what computer to buy, just take a look at what the PROs use. Unless of course, you look at professional accountants. ;o)

  3. “IF you wnat to know what computer to buy, just take a look at what the PROs use. Unless of course, you look at professional accountants. ;o)”

    Exactly. My accountant and my bookeeper use Intuit products on Windows. It is extremely frustrating and painful to deal with them and their platform.

    Be very careful. Very careful buying Intuit’s “QuickBooks” for Mac. You will probably be returning it. I did and both Intuit and Aatrix were no where near helpful. Unless of course you consider, “Well, uh, we may be fixing that on next years version.

    They can have their crap.

    I love my system and the wonderful support I get from one of the best tech support people anywhere.

  4. This flood of Mac users coming out of the closet to express their opinion will only get larger. Much like Seuss’ “Horton Hears a Who”.

    Eventually, Wintel users will discover the truth about Macs, rather than the rumors and lies. Microsoft was built upon the foundation of popularity and their own ego; neither of which is a solid footing. Apple, on the other hand, offers quality products.

    I’d much rather sit atop a small pillar of stone than a mountain of clay.

  5. This thing about Macs not being affected by SoBig/Blaster etc isn’t entierly true. They’re not directly affected, but I’ve been hit quite badly by it in terms of volume of mail. I’m currently getting about 4,000 messages per day which are returned undeliverables with my address (or variations of it) as the return address. If Yahoo and AOL would turn off their auto responders, I’d have much less traffic.

    It’s not Apple’s fault, of course, but despite not using any mocrosoft products (apart from IE very occassionally), I’ve been screwed by them.

  6. Of the so-called 89% market-share for Windows, how many of those Windows machines are for nothing more than office productivity (typing, number-crunching, ‘internet research’, email) – never to be ‘used’ for anything else other than when ‘Doom’ can be ‘snuck’ onto these ‘real business machines’?

    My guess is – around 80-85% – of ALL computers are OfficePCs. But, I don’t actually know. Does anyone?

    I’m also guessing – ‘cuz I don’t actually know for certain – that most homes don’t have installations of hundreds or even thousands (yes, thousands) of Windows PCs lined up in their livingrooms. I’ll bet that they don’t use office furniture, or fluoresent lighting either ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    It might be more informative for consumers if ‘the media’, et al., were to add one more category of computer purchases in their break down of ‘PC’ marketshare.

    % of Mac PCs
    % of Linux PCs
    % of Windows PCs
    % of Office PCs

  7. It seems to me that Apple has a mission statement, where Windows PC companies really don’t. Apple is in the business to make the best computers they can, having the best designs and the best human user interfaces, all while maintaining a sustainable and growing business. They are succeeding very nicely on all of those counts.

    As I see it, Windows companies are in it to make profit – nothing more.

    If you want a computer that was systematically designed for usability, you’ve got no choice but Mac. If you want the lowest common denominator crap that the business world uses to keep short term profits up, you have no choice but Windows.

  8. I use mac and windows. I have a love/hate relationship with both of them. Lately, I’ve disliked my mac, or rather Apple, more. The hardware is expensive, and the machines can only use one operating system. Apple has to create everything. At least I have a choice of what brand of computer I can purchase and what operating system I can use when I buy a PC. I am also disappointed with Apple creating Safari, the OS X only browser. As a web developer, I refuse to test my sites on it. It doesn’t even come close to having a market share in that realm. And if you really think hard about it, if macs owned the market in computer world, hackers would inevitably spend time creating lovely little bugs for mac users to deal with. With it’s UNIX based operating system, I’m positive it wouldn’t be that difficult to do. My biggest turn off about macs, however, is die hard mac users who waste their time bashing microsoft. If you like your mac, super, but don’t waste your breathe telling people about evils of microsoft. You won’t win people over to the mac side that way.

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