Why no Apple two-button mouse?

Back on June 9th of this year, SteveJack wrote, “The time has come for Apple to ship a two-button scroll mouse standard.” Now that Apple has announced their newest mouse, the Apple Wireless Mouse, complete with one button (again), we revisit SteveJack’s opinion article.

“I have been a Mac user since The Beginning. I have used a one-button mouse, as per Steve Jobs’ decree, until mid May 2003. That’s a long time. Then, while in Best Buy, of all places, I picked up a Kensington Pocket Mouse Pro because I wanted an inexpensive mouse that would travel well in my backpack. And, of course, I liked the retractable cord that winds into mouse’s body via its “garage door.” After three weeks with it, I can safely say, the time has come for Apple to ship a two-button mouse with a scroll wheel standard,” SteveJack writes.

Full article in the MacDailyNews Opinion section here.


  1. While we are making wish lists, add this one:
    A TWO BUTTON TRACKPAD FOR PowerBooks/iBooks.
    Yes, I know about control/click, but a right mouse click is so much faster and easier. Thinking diifferent includes adopting outside innovations if they improve the computing experience.
    On the main subject, a 2-button scroll wheel mouse is pretty much standard everywhere in the computer world except Cupertino.

  2. “Back on June 9th of this year, SteveJack wrote, “The time has come for Apple to ship a two-button scroll mouse standard.”

    SteveJack has written a lot of dribble over the years – parcticularly on the now defunct MacWhispers. When is he gonna start writing that all his “rumours” were in fact lies and that he had no sources to speak of.

  3. I am a happy one button user, always have been, always will be.

    My left hand is always ready on the keyboard anyway, using option-click and control click, and for quick command S to save. So why do I want another button to confuse years of practice ?

    If you want a two button mouse, go and buy one, why winge at apple for not making one ?

  4. john: You’re confusing “Jack” with “SteveJack.” I’m actually the no-source Jack. So, this SteveJack mentioned here is innocent (of this charge), and certainly isn’t me. If you’re looking for a great place to beat up on me, there’s a terrific thread in the YourMacLife forums for just that purpose. Enjoy.

    On topic: I also remain baffled by the sustained Apple commitment to the 1-button mouse and trackpads they continue to ship.

  5. Compared to any Windows PC, Apple gives the user more choice with its mono-button mouse. A user can operate the Mac with a single mouse button but he or she also has the choice to plug in a multiple button mouse and use that. With a Windows PC you are forced to use a two-button mouse.

  6. SteveJack – if you want a 2-button mouse get a PC you f**king loser! Jeez, these people who claim to be long-term Mac fans yet are completely out-to-lunch when it comes to UNDERSTANDING that ‘simplicity’ is the foundation of the platform!

  7. Those of us forced to use the darkside PC’s at work get accustomed to the two button mouse. It is the ONLY thing I have come to like about the PC and I will be happy when it comes to Apple.

  8. Apple probably does not wish to alienate manufacturers that already produce two-button mice for the Mac. I stopped using the Apple mouse a few years ago. Too bad, it sure is good looking.

  9. Personally I love 2-button mice, love the scroll-wheel too. But, I work with a lot of users from 5-year-olds to the elderly on Windows machines and they never seem to figure out which button to press. Never mind that you can get by using only the left button and the left one seems most natural to me. They always press the wrong one. Keeping the one-button mouse standard means that programmers have to make it possible to use their programs with one button, and that’s better for most users. I don’t think it puts me out too much to buy another mouse that I like better than the standard one.

  10. One button, two buttons, three buttons or even 9 buttons (for Logitech MX). USB mouse is as ubiquitous as Starbucks in New York city. Get what you want. Look at how much Apple is charging for the Bluetooth Mouse and keyboard. $70 each!!!! I bought my Logitech wireless MX keyboard and mouse for $90. So thanks but no thanks.

    Apple isnt in the Keyboard and Mouse business. Let them work on computers.

    Are there so many uncoordinated people in the world. How do you type capital letters on the keyboard? press “cap lock” on and off? Thing that looks like mirrored version of your right hand… its called “left” hand, use it, when you have a second button you cant use any other keys anyway. If you know how to use the shift key you can use the control key.

    But then again, if you don’t like it, get a cheap USB mouse, When you order your computer get one at apple store, you are getting the mouse for free, so spend a extra $$$ for a nice mouse.

    Here, http://cheese.com/ so that you have something to go with your whine.

  11. Apple ships one-button mouse! Imagine that!

    Get over it people! Apple will never ship a two-, three-, four-, five-, or six-button mouse. Period, end of sentence. Time and again it has bee proven the new-to-computers end user prefers not being confused.

    For those of you ‘leet haxors who need multiple buttons, knock yourself out and buy one!

  12. At least several times a year, when I talk about the Mac to PC-heads, I have to hear their derision in the form of, “but Macs don’t even have a two-button mouse, ha ha.” I hate having to say, “yeah, but you can buy a five-button mouse for it if you want…” it always sounds so weenie.

    C’mon Steve, at least make it an option!

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