Apple announces new PowerBooks; wireless mouse and keyboard

Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs announced new and updated PowerBooks during his keynote presentation today at Apple Expo Paris. The 12-inch PowerBook is now available with a 1GHz G4, the long-awaited 15-inch PowerBook (aluminim) comes with 1.25GHz max., 2GB 333MHz DDR RAM max, SuperDrive, backlit keyboard, FireWire 800 and 400, USB 2.0, Bluetooth, Gigabit Ethernet. Prices are US$1999 (Combo drive) and $2599 for the 1.25GHz model. Available today.

“Fully loaded with a 1.25GHz PowerPC G4, 512K of L2 cache, AirPort Extreme Card, megawide display, Radeon graphics and a slot-loading SuperDrive, the 15-inch PowerBook G4 boasts jaw-dropping features


  1. Thank God in heaven above that the mouse maintains a single button. I always get so confused when using a PC – which button do I click? I was afraid it would have one of those scroll-thingies, as well – I imagine that would give me callouses.

    Besides, I’m sure that adding another mouse button would reduce the battery life by a month or more.

  2. I was feeling let down that they didn’t announce the Panther was ready and shipping, but then realised that Apple had never said it would be released today.

    Guess that’s what happens when you put your faith in rumour sites

  3. Wheres the itunes store for pc or for europe? Wheres a confirmed panther release date? Man this expo was really disapointing, I still don’t understand why they announced the imac update one week early.

  4. Is the fact that the new PB’s don’t have Level 3 cache of any significance? IT has a larger L2 cache and a little more memory bandwidth due to the bigger bus and DDR 333 RAM, but is that enough to make a noticable difference?

    If it is, anyone here wanna buy a used TiBook 667 DVI? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  5. The PowerBook updates are pretty good, anyone that thought they’d have G5s this soon was dilusional anyway. All of them are pretty strong and very competitive with anything Wintel has available out there right now. As for the new BT keyboards and mice, hmmm, what were they thinking? I’ll be surprised if they sell any of these at all. Maybe Steve will finally realize people don’t want one button mice anymore when these things rot on the shelves. $69 for a wireless one button mouse…are you kidding me??? It is also quite disappointing that there was no Panther announcement, I only hope they can get it out by Thanksgiving at least…

  6. Yawn
    Where is iTunes for Windoze? Where is the Apple two button mouse and two button trackpad? Where is Panther? Where is the iPod transporter add on? You mean I still have to drive to work? Well at least I have a two button mouse with a scroll wheel at work even if it is attached to a WinXP box.

  7. Moan if you want, but Apple has met high expectations in recent months with a massive desktop overhaul in the G5 and recent updates of the iMac and PowerBook lines. The Bluetooth keyboard/mouse is a nice bonus in my opinion and the encryption feature is a stroke of genius for businesses who value both convenience and security. If you need more buttons then you have third party options (although I am personally in favor of Apple offering the option of a multi-button scrollwheel mouse with new computer purchases).

  8. I wonder how long it will be before these wireless peripherals become standard in Macs. My guess is that BlueTooth will be standard in the next major revisions of all Apple computers ie, when iMacs get G5s and when PowerMacs get 980s.

  9. “A One Button Bluetooth Mouse? Isn’t that like putting a 3-speed Automatic on a Ferrari?”

    No, actually that is like being able to run a Lamborghini in 1st gear at 65 mph (They can do that)

  10. A one button mouse? for $70? What is this, 1998? A second button and a scroll means more productivity from the user. Especially dor a pro user. I just don’t see why jobs can’t see that.

    You can get a cordless mouse at Logitech for half the freakin price.

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