Apple and Apple issue statements regarding ‘Apple’ trademark lawsuit

“A representative for Apple Corps, the corporate face of rock icons The Beatles, said Friday that the company has sued Apple Computer over its iTunes service, in a sequel to a previous trademark dispute,” David Becker reports for CNET “Geoff Baker, spokesman for Apple Corps, confirmed the suit was filed two months ago in London High Court. He referred further questions to a statement put out by Apple Corps, the company the legendary rock ban formed in 1968 to manage its business interests.”

“‘Specifically, (the) complaint is made over the use by Apple Computer of the word ‘Apple’ and apple logos in conjunction with its new application for downloading pre-recorded music from the Internet,’ according to the statement, apparently referring to Apple’s successful iTunes Music Store service for downloading digital songs. Apple Corps. first tussled with Apple Computer over trademark issues in 1989… The two Apples appeared to be getting along OK since then, as evidenced by iMac ads featuring John Lennon,” Becker reports.

[MacDailyNews Note: John Lennon was featured in Apple’s Think Different ads which were image ads for Apple Computer, Inc., not the iMac.]

“But Apple has recently jumped into the music business in a big way, both with iTunes and its iPod digital music players,” Becker reports. Apple Computer issued a brief statement on the case: ‘Over a decade ago, Apple signed an agreement with Apple Corps, a business controlled by the Beatles and their heirs, which specified the rights each company would have to use the ‘Apple’ trademark. Unfortunately, Apple and Apple Corps now have differing interpretations of this agreement and will need to ask a court to resolve this dispute.'”

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  1. I use a real computer, toy lovers. And it’s about time Apple got its ass handed to it. They have no right to market music in their segregated, tiny, expensive music store. Only for Macs! LOL!!! By the time Apple Corps is done, Apple Computer’s whole “digital hub” bullshit will be GONE. Soon to follow by the entire company. Get Windows XP and see how the real computer users live! Stop bending over and grabbing your ankles for Steve Jobs overpriced, underpowered, designer boxes that can’t even run Outlook or Access or WMP9.

  2. another PC fan who thinks it is in his best interest to have a computer industry dominated by one company, Microsoft.

    I just don’t get it and will never understand the attitude. Why would you care that someone chooses to drive a different car, use a different camera, a different platform. It just makes no sense to me. I thought choice and competition were what made our free enterprise system the best in the world.

  3. Does mommy know you’re online?

    I’ve got news for you bucko. WinXP is the best MS has to offer is is quite close to being a decent OS but do you know what? It’s not there yet, sorry to tell you. I run XP, as well as NT4, Server 2003, and BSD in my office as servers and desktop machines and guess which computers need the most attention? Guess which ones need to be rebooted/patched/fixed in general the most often. Above all, guess which ones are subject to more attempts by hackers. I’ll give you a hint, I haven’t had any problems with the BSD box since I started on here but the Wintel boxes go down at least once a month for various reasons.

    That is NOT a real OS.

    I’m not even going to go into your mentioning of MS Software that works primarily in file formats ONLY MS Software can read. Although I guess I could say this You want Outlook? You can have Entourage if you need to connect to an exchange server. If you don’t there’s, Evolution, or any other of a number of great apps out there that DONT HAVE SECURITY HOLES OUT THE @$$. You want WMP9….meet quicktime, much better codecs, much better quality, doesn’t report all of your doings to big brother. Want access? Why….you can use SQL which is unbelieveably more powerful than Access, is free, and is more widely supported.

  4. Wow, that’s pretty weak, oh ye “user” of a hopelessly and helplessly insecure hole-infested conglomeration of bits and bytes. Yeah, I’m devastated that I “can’t even run” those three contributors to the mayhem. I’ll just use Mail and Filemaker and Quicktime and be all the happier and much less worried about a potential virus or worm or other sort of “vicious attack” coming at me every other day or so.

    I’m also not worried about Applecorps’ lawsuit against Apple in the least. It’ll get worked out, probably to the mutual benefit of both companies, unlike the way one other, less reputable software company generally does all things litigious, as you apparently are so accustomed to seeing happening. And we all know who I’m talking about, too.

  5. Don’t sweat the ‘PC user’ dude… he is actually a Mac user flirting with reverse psychology to trick us Mac users into PC bashing flame fest.

    Never be fooled by imitation ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

    On a side note:

    The Outlook, Access and WMP9 comment was rather amusing. Only idiots would use that crappy software!

    he he, funny post indeed 😀

  6. I’m surprised PC user even knew how to use his keyboard without an IT guy to sit their and hold his hand through it.

    playtime’s over junior, now turn off the computer like a good little boy and go outside and play.

  7. Please everybody, switch to Windows XP, its fun. Every other day, you too can patch up the OS, that has more holes than swiss cheese. But wait theres more, you can be the proud owner of the blaster virus and much much more. Act now,and you can get today’s security update for FREE!!!

  8. Win xp has earned the reputation of ExtraProblems with me. It’s as
    robust as a crystal sword. Looks good, has good features, but when
    used it breaks without fail. Long live alternatives, Amiga, BSD,
    Linux, MACOS, Solaris, QNX, and many other good ones. Sorry add OS/2
    to that.

  9. I find it rediculous that Apple cannot use its own name to put on its own music store. So what if Apple Records has the same name. You have to be pretty old to even remember that Apple Records is even a for real company. I think the beatles and their family should be ashamed of suing a computer company. Remeber dudes, Give Peace a Chance. I am sure John Lennon would roll over in his grave if he knew his company was suing the alternative to the anti-christ.


  10. I think you are all missing the point he was trying to make. He was pointing out the ITunes is, by its own marketing strategy, a small player in this brouhaha. Marketing to Apple users alone limits its income, but generates interest amongst the apple faithful. Of course he is only saying using the lowest common denominator available to him.

    This is one of those push button topics that gets the lawsuits flowing though. Besides, when was the last time that any of the Beatles had done anything worthwhile? John’s long gone, George has recently passed, Ringo is burned out, and Paul has long since sold out. Apple Corps, Dinosaur. If you have watched MTV lately, you know that music has mostly turned to crap, or rap. But then again the end was near for Apple not that long ago as well.

  11. oh and it’s not Apple Records suiing Apple; it’s Apple Corp, the uber corp that includes Apple Records.
    They had their trademark first.
    Apple Only recently became “Apple” up till 2 years ago it was “Apple Computer Inc”
    Which is part of the Issue with the Trademark.
    So really Steve was Flirting with disaster for a while, but he might have a plan for dealing with this.
    unless he is just plain Reckless, which is definitly something you could say about D man.

  12. Sebass. Apple Computer Inc. is STILL the name of the company. Check the copyright at the bottom of their site. YOU ARE WRONG. Apple disputes the settlement terms as to the use of the word Apple and a logo of same with Apple Corps fore use as a trademark. Apple’s lawyers determine whether the name and logo can be used on various products not SJ. YOU ARE WRONG. Incidentally, the Apple Corps suit does not seem to object to Apple running a music distribution company (iTMS) or a music player (iPod). They only object to the use of the word Apple in conjunction with them. Wall Street was not impressed with the lawsuit as Apple was up over .50 at 4:30 PM on Friday.

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