MacSurfShop morphs into

Formerly famous under the name MacSurfShop, now concentrates on T-shirt sales only. Instead of churning out lots of desktop images and icons, they’re responding to their customer’s requests to put out more shirt designs.

“So that’s the direction we’re going and we feel that re-opening under the name best reflects who we are and what we do! As you may notice, we’re also producing more shirts that ‘make a statement,'” states.

MacShirt now features two new designs and four re-released designs along with $5.00 clearance items.

Visit MacShirt here.


  1. I’ve been checking for MacSurfShop (MacShirt) for about a month now.

    While I’m glad that they’ve found another niche to fill, does anyone know where the ‘Flavas’ and DTpix have gone. Just for backup purposes, y’know.

    BTW, I’ve been looking for MacOS Spin, wanna see it in action.

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