Motley Fool: ‘More Microsoft mess while Mac devotees just shake their heads in wonder’

“The world’s No. 1 software maker says a flaw in its ubiquitous office suite of programs could allow a really mean user to access your computer and do really mean things (like run programs and delete files, for instance). So, if you use any version of Office, Word, FrontPage, Publisher, or Works Suite, you should visit this link to see if you’re at risk,” reports The Motley Fool.

“But wait, there’s more. Mr. Softy identified four other flaws yesterday, bringing its total to 39 this year. (We’re not making that up.) So, if you run Microsoft software at all — including the Windows operating system — visit the link anyway to see if you need to apply a patch,” The Motley Fool reports.

“Microsoft has had a horrible few weeks. While Apple’s Mac devotees just shake their heads in wonder, Windows users have had to contend with the Blaster worm and several variants… Microsoft users are getting tired of the same ol’ song and dance. Bill Gates and his team have made better security a top priority in the company, but so far there’s a critical flaw in their execution,” The Motley Fool reports.

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  1. Whoops – should have capitalized “Fools” – sorry!

    It’s Bill Gates and his M$ “team” who are the (small f) fools if they think they’re going to be able to plug all the holes in their os without completely starting over.

  2. For once though, MS are patching the software before world-and-his-dog knows about the vulnerabilites. Do you think they are finally allocating people at Redmond to take a look at the products from a hacker’s perspective?

  3. The real problem here is that there are viable alternatives to Windows. If M$ owned the entire playground, they could claim to be the best, in addition to the biggest. And why improve when you’re already the best?

  4. When you own the playground, you cannot be the best, as you need comparison to quantify your value.

    M$ captives have Stockholm Syndrome, big time, and don’t necessarily think that Windows is best, thinking this OS is the only player in the field. (Linux users have all been jailed by SCO and Apple died last century, right?)

    Actually, given the size of the Redmond Behemoth, you could say that they’re virtually the only player, but when you play against yourself, you always win and always lose… They’re continually scoring against themselves, so when that game is over, the real team can storm the lawn. I’d love to see a smaller M$ along with UNIX, Linux, Apple, why not unearth BeOS, Amiga and countless other interesting alternatives?

    Back in the 80’s, the 8-bit scene had pretty much equal proportions between the Commodores, Ataris MSXs, Apples, Sinclairs et al.

    I hate to be a melancholic, but those were the days…

  5. It is a common misconception that quantity equals quality. Generally it is not true. Cockroach is no better than human. Wine-in-a-box is no better than Bordeaux 2000. Yugo is no better than Ferrari. Etc., etc., …

  6. Microsoft’s continuing inability to produce a modern and truly secure and stable product may explain a couple of things…

    Microsoft’s web sites currently run under Linux, not Windows XP Server.

    Ballmer and Gates both use Macs as their personal machines. This is why they know what to copy from Apple.

    Perhaps they know something they aren’t telling their Windoid clients?

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