Run Windows on your G5; WinTel Pentium emulator now optimized for Power Mac G5

If you need to run a Windows-only app on your Power Mac G5, you now have an interesting option. OpenOSX’s web page for WinTel 1.0.1 reads as follows:

“Experience full compatibility with Pentium(R) processors, disk image and CD-ROM support. Floppy disk support may be achieved by creating a disk image with Apple’s Disk Copy software. Use the Finder to transfer data between the emulator and the Mac OS X operating system.”

“WinTel is an Aqua graphical user interface to control the popular and powerful open-source Bochs software. The WinTel product includes the following separate disk images with 10 different popular open source x86 operating systems pre-installed:

Redhat Linux
GNU Hurd
Debian Linux
DLX Linux

Fully-compatible and optimized for the new PowerMac G5, with more optimizations under development.

We have successfully tested WinTel/Bochs with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2K, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows XP Professional. We have developed a tutorial for installing Windows 98/2K/XP (though we do not recommend 2K/XP because they are much slower) at: Wintel 98 Tutorial and a tutorial for installing Windows 95 at: WinTel 95 Tutorial.

You may simply copy any of your Microsoft VirtualPC files over to a WinTel disk image by using the Finder. Most “.img” files can even be used directly!

Thanks to Mac OS X’s advanced architecture, multiple G4 CPUs can be utilized and are emulated as a single powerful Pentium(R) processor or as dual Pentium Processors. Mac OS X is a true chameleon of operating systems, users may now run a long list of operating systems within it: Mac OS 9, Windows 95/98/2K/NT, DOS, Linux, Unix, BSD, etc. software, seamlessly.

More info and download links here.

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  1. Geez, how SICK is this!?!? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />)

    How much “slower” is this emulator than VPC? I’ve never needed anything Windows, so I have no idea…

  2. There’s a discussion of WinTel (the OpenOSX product) and Bochs (the open-source x86 emulator on which it is based at:

    It refers to an earlier version, not the G5 recompile, but some of the criticisms of WinTel/Bochs – and the OpenOSX programmer’s defence of it – may still be applicable.

    To be honest, from everything I’ve read, I wouldn’t expect WinTel/Bochs to come close to the compatibility/performance/ease of use of VPC. It’s unclear to me how useful it’s likely to be in real use, but I think anyone who expects a VPC equivalent for a bargain basement price will be disappointed.

    One odd thing: at <;, OpenOSX say that their version is fully compatible and optimized for the G5 … but the same page reports that it has only been tested on OSX 10.2.2 thru 10.2.4. I believe that the G5 runs only 10.2.7 and upwards. Presumably that’s just a leftover from an earlier version of the page that their webmaster forgot to correct.

  3. It will be interesting to see how this stacks up against VPC.

    Will an open source Pentium emulator on a dual 2.0 GHz G5 be faster than VPC on a dual 1.42 GHz G4?

    For those of us who have a rare piece of software they need to run on a Wintel based machine this could be an interesting question. (I have one piece of software I need for my work [DOS based actually], and thus I have VPC on my desktop Mac and my TiPB.)

    Another question is, “Is it truly 100% G5 compatible?” The G5 has not been shipping long. Therefore the compatibiltiy/stability testing can not have been very thorough yet. At this point I would have to say the G5 compatibility would have to be put into the “beta” stage of the development cycle.

    However, all in all, I would have to say this, if true, is great. Microsoft holding off for a year or more to ship a G5 compatible version of VPC has made a marketing move. While it will take time to make VPC G5 compatible, but clearly not a year or more from now. Microsoft recently stating they have not known about the incompatibility of VPC with the G5 until a couple months ago is purely BS. IBM has been telling everyone the 970’s instruction set for almost a year now. MS should have found out about the incompatibility during their due dilligence when they were investigating buying VPC in the first place. Stating that they are going to wait until the next major upgrade of VPC is a marketing move to keep people restricted to slower G4s.

    This open source Pentium emulator will hopefully give MS a kick right where it needs it.

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