Montana school district’s Windows computers offline due to worm; Macintosh computers unaffected

“The Helena School District was hit by a virus similar to the one that tied up the State of Montana last week, and District Technology Services Manager Joe Baechtel said it could be several days before all the schools are back on line,” reports Laura Tode for The Helena Independent Record. “The w32.welchia worm virus leaked into the school district


  1. WinTel is sure suffering a bad case of worms these days.

    But, they do because of ‘market-share’ only.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    B.C….First had to clean the mimeograph fluid from my hands, before firing up the Selectric connected to the TV to write this. I was watching ‘Brazil’, again.

  2. I heard that you could use dog medicine to rid your PC of worms. You just crush the tablets up and put them in the CD drawer. Or if you have a liquid, just splash it on your hard drive and it should do the trick.

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