NewsFactor Network: Will Power Mac G5 boost Apple’s ‘nearly disappearing 3-percent’ market share?

“Apple’s strategy is to introduce new technology at the high end and target their professional markets, and then about a year or 18 months later, ‘they’ll roll the technology into a lower line and try to broaden the market,’ says IDC analyst Roger Kay.,” reports James Maguire for NewsFactor Network.

“As Apple’s Power Mac G4 aged, the company was in danger of losing its most devout audience: the audio, video and graphics professionals who favor the high end of the company’s line. By comparison to the latest Intel-based Windows machines, the G4’s specs lag considerably — even after factoring in Apple’s oft-made claim that its machines run faster than comparably clocked Windows boxes,” Maguire reports.

Maguire reports, “With the recently launched G5 , though, Apple has given this audience a machine with the muscle it needs. Boasting an industry-leading 64-bit processor, the G5 ‘is definitely developed for our creative professionals — to provide the bandwidth and the power to do some really amazing desktop editing and audio stuff,’ Apple spokesperson Nathalie Welch told NewsFactor. But, can this new machine, which has enough computing power to outperform even some low-end servers, much less the average desktop, boost Apple’s nearly disappearing 3-percent market share?”

“‘Market share is not a very good subject for Apple,’ IDC analyst Roger Kay told NewsFactor, though he added that the company has seen some minuscule improvement recently,” Maguire writes. “Research firm TrendWatch notes that Apple’s share in its historically strong markets remains stable. For example, Macintoshes are used by 83 percent of graphic designers, 77 percent of corporate design departments, and 65 percent of ad agencies. Kay called these numbers ‘highly credible.'”

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  1. Market share is the equivalent of CPU clock to compare different computer performance.

    Worldwide PC sales takes into account also all those dumb PC used as terminals connected to some corporate network. Apple is not in that market and probably never will.

    I’d like to be able to see sales figure among *individuals* and professionals. I see more and more Apple computers around (especially laptops). From the *field* it does look as if Apple is actually growing and I already know quite a few switchers.

    Also, corporates replace dumb terminal PCs quite rapidly which contributes a lot to market share figures but zilch to installed base. I still have a perfectly functioning B&W G3 350MHz, a G4 and a TiBook. I will probably have a new next year. I have seen many new PCs coming and going in the same room for the same persons just to stay afloat. Old PCs were literally thrown away.

    Pretty much that is all market share can tell. Just PC replacement. If I have to believe Apple and my eyes, Apple 3% MS contains quite a lot of new Mac users and its installed base increases steadily.
    Anyone an updated URL of presence on the internet?

  2. I am SO SICK of these idiots beating this tired 3% BS into the ground every chance they get!

    Its all about INSTALLED BASE!!!!!!!!!

    When you comare installed base numbers, Apple looks VERY healthy! In fact they have a larger installed base than most of the big 5 PC makers do.

    Considering Macs generally out-live their PC counterparts on an average of 2 to 1, using PC sales as a way to gauge Apple’s market penetration is a very biased way of doing it.

    The Mac hating press is always looking for new ways to SLAM Apple and the Macintosh and this 3% crap has proven to have the most traction with the misinformed SHEEP that make up the bulk of these jokes of journalism’s readership.

  3. Here’s a question for these genius analysts. Is Apple profitable? Now, aside from Dell, name how many other computer companies with at least 3% of sales share are profitable? HP, Gateway, anyone? Enough said.

  4. Yep.

    The idiocy is so thick you can cut it with a knife!

    They only use the 3% BS because it gets so much mileage with the clueless Wintel using public that needs to be reassured that their faulty choice in a computer platform was the correct one.

    Mac users know how WRONG that choice was in reality.

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