IDC report: Apple grabs 7 percent of U.S. notebook market share

“Statistics published Tuesday by IDC show that industrywide notebook shipments rose by 22.4 percent globally on a year-over-year basis during the second quarter and grew by 1.5 percent from the first quarter. Meanwhile, shipments in the United States grew by 18 percent year over year and by 8 percent sequentially, IDC said,” reports John G. Spooner for CNET

“Though small, the sequential gains reversed normal seasonal declines, showing that notebooks continue to gain favor with computer buyers. On the corporate side, simultaneous increases in notebook purchasing by businesses during the second quarter could point to the beginnings of a small, but steady rebound in commercial PC sales, IDC said,” Spooner reports.

“‘Commercial notebook shipments grew by 9.6 percent, sequentially,’ said Allen Promisel, analyst with IDC. ‘In a quarter where you typically see a drop in units, we saw commercial demand pick up. Effectively, this could mean that we’ve seen the worst and we’re pulling out of it,'” Spooner reports.

In the U.S. market, for the second quarter, “Dell led the market share race with 26.6 percent. HP followed with 20.3 percent. Toshiba and IBM were nearly tied for the third spot with 9.6 percent and 9.3 percent, respectively. Meanwhile, fifth-place Apple garnered 7 percent of the U.S. market, and Gateway was the sixth-largest seller with 4.1 percent of the market,” Spooner reports.

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  1. Does the Apple percentage include mail order sales (Apple and third party) or just retail brick and mortar? I seem to remember this being a point of contention previously.

  2. You can bet your bottom dollar though that if Apple’s figures do not include mail order the same can be said for the pc figures. Presumably the percentages would still stand.

  3. How many of these Wintel systems are used by business and government offices? Same old market share bull, which gives a distorted data base and is not to be trusted.

  4. I agree with tthomcarl. If the numbers were broken down in to various market segments, we’d certainly see Apple with a poor showing in many segments. Yet I think the numbers might be surprising in others.

  5. I’m seeing Apple notebooks everywhere I look. They are even popping up in corporate meetings. Everyone is ooing and aahhing the Titanium notebook. I wonder if Apple will keep it Titanium afterall. It is a quite a computer.

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