Chicago Sun-Times columnist: Windows ‘many holes in its security’ but ‘none of my Macs have ever bee

“Windows XP has so many holes in its security that any reasonable user will conclude it was designed by the same German officer who created the prison compound in “Hogan’s Heroes.” On a regular basis, Microsoft learns of new holes and releases updates that close ’em. But they work only if you download and install them. The patch for SoBig and Blaster was released weeks before the worms were,” writes Andy Ihnatko for The Chicago Sun-Times.

“I’m getting tired of this. None of my Macs have ever been infected by any form of digital nastiness. Ditto for my Linux boxes. I know Linux and the Mac OS attracts its share of maladjusted jerks just like Windows does; surely my other machines would have been infected with something by now if these operating systems weren’t fundamentally secure,” writes Ihnatko.

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  1. As long as the Wintel MORONs continue to believe that the never ending attacks on their PCs are due soley to the popularity of Windows (as every virus article seems to claim) and not because their OS of choice is a joke, they will never bother to learn the truth about OS X’s superiority over Windows in practically every catagory. .

  2. What sort of hypnotically imbedded “Buy Me!” message is contained in the Microsoft logo?

    When someone goes shopping for a computer and they see one that has a cumbersome interface, ugly cheap-looking graphics, a reputation for crashing and needing the whole OS to be reinstalled, requiring the system to constantly scan for 70,000 known virii, has 2 new security risks each week requiring constantly updating security software, from a company with poor customer service… what makes them say “That’s the one I want!”?

    I couldn’t see buying such a product even if it were the only one on the planet. I’d rather get by without a computer than to introduce such hassles into my life and home. But with better alternatives available, Microsoft is what they buy. Windows should have died a long time ago. There must be some sort of mind-numbing agent involved!

  3. Most people simply know that most people buy Windows. They don’t know why, but they know they’re not experts so they figure that HAS to be the safest choice. They figure there must be a reason, and they follow suit.

  4. WinXP = Antelope
    Virus = Lion
    MacOSX = Jaguar ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Do Lions eat Antelopes because there’s more of them than Jaguars, or because Jaguars can put up a better fight?

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