Apple shoots for Iowa school system; offers plan for one laptop per student

Students in Newton, Iowa might be about to get lucky.

“Apple Computers [sic] has approached the district about its ‘one-to-one’ program that involves one computer for every student with laptops and Internet access at home. [District Superintendent Steve] McDermott said there are numbers to suggest student achievement with this program. But, with an original estimate of $300 per student from Apple, McDermott is not interested unless the district can receive corporate assistance,” Erin Haller reports for The Newton Daily News.

“‘I’m guarded about it but I still feel like there are possibilities,’ he said. McDermott is holding ongoing meetings with [Apple] representatives and has planned to meet with legislators and corporate representatives in the next few weeks,” Haller reports.

“‘Usually if something is too good to be true it usually is,’ McDermott said, but feels that with new opportunities with a new business partner something positive could come of it,” Haller reports.

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  1. Yes, a 1.6 G5 (BTO combo drive, no modem) starts at $1593!

    Or $2631 for the cheapest BTO dual 2.0 G5. Lucky students!

    And I think that $300 must be lease cost–a sensible choice for a school, I would think. (And if that includes ‘net service, that’s not bad… at $20/month, a year’s worth of dialup is $240.)

    Any reason Apple would target that school system, or are they targeting many in the same way and we just don’t hear it?

  2. I am sick about Apple losing so much of the eduacational market to Dell. Apple as the machines, the OS and all the right stuff except aggressive salespeople who can make deals with the schools.

    I hope that I see more Apple computers in schools. This is a market that Apple needs to fight both Dell and Microsoft who are working together to erode Apple’s once lead!

    Fight Apple-Fight! Its for the kids!!!!

  3. It’s not the sales people that are the problem. It’s the wintel using parents, administrators, IT staff and kids!

    Apple needs to get even more quality software from developers, and to continue to his home runs like iTunes, iPhoto, and Keynote. They need developers to offer cross platform upgrades. The quality software is happening, the OS X movement is growing. Windows is also getting a lot of bad press over the virus issue, and rightly so.

    Apple’s job is to continue to make people want to use the platform. They are doing an excellent job. With the G5, emulation could be a much more powerful weapon, as well. Of course, M$ snapped up VPC, but it’s NOT the only one…

    Also, the wintel iTunes Music Store is very important. Make them see what they have been missing, and make $$$ of of it! Make the iTunes for windows application FREE. Put LOTS of links to buy apple products (including G5s) on that store, special discounts for Apple Store retail locations, etc… Thinks could get very interesting.

  4. “Make them see what they have been missing…”

    Um, if you make iTMS available for Windows, they won’t be missing it anymore, right? So what’s the incentive to move? For that matter, make all the iLife apps available for Windows, too, so all the Wintellions will stay put.

  5. Apple needs to get into the minds of the IT guys! They are the ones telling the superintendents that they need to stay consistant on one system.

    Apple MUST start GIVING away classes to these guys to show how a mac can integrate into their windows worlds. THAT is the first step.

    I worked in a government office and could not get a Mac to edit video. The mac is clearly a better edit system, but that did not matter to the City Commission because the IT guy convinced them that I would cause havoc in the network and he would not support the computer. Even though I did NOT want it connected to his flawed network.

    IT managers have the advantage of fear. Most people just want to use Word, the internet, and send emails. When an IT guy tells his bosses that he will not do any support on a computer that does not match his network, people cringe.

    C’mon Apple! Get with it and IT.

  6. I just helped a few schools make computer purchasing choices, the reasons not to go with Apple were just too much. If Apple had a headless machine that was faster with better graphics and cost less, they would have had a better chance.

    For OS variety I was able to get a few Linux and Free_BSD machines, but paying the prices Apple wanted for hardware wasn’t something I could get them to budge on.
    Apple has lost ground in every market because people don’t want to pay more and get less for their hardware.

    People know Apple and Dell computers are spit out of the same Taiwaneese factory out of the same, but slightly different parts.

    Why pay more for fewer hardware choices that are more expensive and the luxury to run less software on systems almost none of the kids or partent have at home?
    Plus it’s impossible to get a school to replace a 900Mhz Pentuim with a 1Ghz eMac, the speed bump alone isn’t enough to justify the cost.

    You can come up with all the reasons you want on why you think these school admins are wrong, unfortuniately your opinions don’t matter. It’s not about the subjective, it’s about the numbers on paper.

    When PC’s are cheaper, much easier to fix, the students know them etc, things like “better” and “easier” don’t translate through the data.
    One of them I just had to deal with actually said he just ignores Mac users as fanatics, “They’ll say anything to get you to use a Mac”.

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