The Age columnist: Windows PC a man’s computer; Mac a very nice ladies computer

“Given that all my [Windows] computers zip along like dead ballerinas, I should be annoyed that I have been burdened with such a flawed operating system. Mr Gates has, after all, achieved the near impossible feat of extracting cash from me. There is much software that I am evaluating, free of charge, according to the 21-day trial period specified next to the “I agree” check box. But Mr Gates’s Windows operating system came with the computer. The computer works fine: it’s just the operating system that doesn’t,” writes Red Symons for The Age.

“Apple computers are not susceptible to viruses, worms or yeasts. They are favoured by those in graphic design and photography. In short, your Mac is a very nice ladies computer. The good guy in the movie always has a Mac,” Symons writes. “And yet the fact that the Gatesian PC system is cobbled together and prone to disaster is exactly what makes it so attractive. The Mac is a computer that seemingly needs no maintenance. It doesn’t break down and this is it’s failing.”

“Time was, a man would retreat to his workshop, to his fret saw, to his vice, and spend many hours building spice-racks, weather vanes and kennels. The work produced no useful result, but kept the man occupied, away from domestic responsibilities and demonstrated to a man’s sons that he was a master of the universe of plywood. Fretwork was superseded by carburettor and shock absorber craft. A car was something you could fiddle with in order to make it work ‘better.’ You opened the bonnet to make pointless adjustments to the engine. A PC is a man’s computer. It never works properly and requires constant maintenance,” Symons concludes.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Would that we’d all be as intelligent as the fairer sex when it comes to choosing a computer. For those that like to putter around unproductively, male or female, a Windows PC cannot be equalled. For those that just want to get things done with their computers, get a Mac. It’s really as simple as that.


  1. If you use his example…all men should be driving cars that break down all the time so we can fix them. How stupid is that. Anyway, half my income is generated by FIXING Macs…they aren’t infallible, they just work better.

  2. Windows is a MAN’S computer?

    Hee hee…I always considered it a MORON’s computer myself, but whatever. Guess if you can’t actually get any computing related work done, you could find the time to SPIN the hardware reliability problems into an advantage, to the point that being able to tear open the box and replace broken and faulty hardware components yourself is something to shout about. ;o)


  3. Actually, if you read the thing, he is complimenting Mac reliability and making fun of some men who need to tinker for no good reason. The female vs. male stuff is just to catch the eye.

  4. Red Symonds is a former musician with the Australian rock band, Skyhooks. He later went on to become a very cynical judge in a Melbourne version of an irreverant gong show or talent quest. He now hosts a morning radio show and his Age column is meant to be a humorous slice of life viewpoint. He is not a computer writer at all – see his column in that light and the article is very pro Mac.

  5. He sounds like any minute now he’ll down some tinnies and grab his surfboard off his Ute. And Melbourne is normally such a cultured place! I bet this guys from Queensland, and he has a mullet haircut ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  6. I wouldn’t say that a PC is a “man’s” computer; I’d say it’s a “guy’s” computer.

    Guys like to tinker around with things, adjust manifolds, add spoilers to their PC cases, and quaff Miller Lite.

    Men like to get things that work, go to Jiffy Lube every 3,000 miles, and drink Sam Adams.

  7. Ignoring for the moment the validity of his oversimple analogy, WTF?? Every Real Man I’ve every known new the cardinal rule of tool ownership: Buy Good Quality Tools That Don’t Break. It’s only the wannabe’s who spend all their time skinning knuckles and getting amateur-quality results just to save a few bucks with cheap tools.

    Come to think of it, it’s not such a bad analogy after all . . . .

  8. I saw that is was a poor attempt at satire, but it was well disguised enough that many in the Wintel camp would view it as a serious article, thus my previous comments.

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