Sick of worms and viruses?  ‘Move to Mac OS X’ suggests Chicago Tribune columnist

How to avoid worms and viruses? Chicago Tribune columnist James Coates suggests the following, “Move to Macintosh OS X, which has hardly any virus/worm/Trojan horse problems largely because fewer than 3 percent of sales now go to Apple, thereby keeping Macs off the hackers’ screens.”

“In recent years OS X has become so Windows friendly that one can now use a Macintosh to run most of Microsoft Office and do everything on the Internet available to the overwhelming Windows majority,” Coates writes. “One part of Office that OS X lacks is Outlook, home to and target for the bulk of hack vandals. A substitute called Entourage works very nicely for e-mail, and you can tell your IT staff that it now can be synched with Microsoft Exchange Server for network e-mail, calendars and memos.”

Coates writes, “Since the worst of today’s digital vandalism is based on aspects of either Windows XP or Microsoft Office for Windows, Macs should be bulletproof for some time to come. Mac users even get shielded from pop-ups and other mischief with Safari, Apple’s new Web browser.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews note: The Chicago Tribune is read by nearly 2 million people every day, according to the Tribune’s website.

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