Microsoft concerned that Longhorn’s look and feel will be copied if revealed too soon

After months of speculation, Microsoft plans to give developers their first hard look at the next version of Windows in October,” reports Ina Fried for CNET “The Redmond, Wash., company expects to release a ‘developers preview’ of the new operating system, code-named Longhorn, at its professional developers conference in Los Angeles.”

Fried reports, “As for the new user interface, it’s unclear just how much of the design, code-named Aero, will be shown. Microsoft did preview some user interface features at its Windows Hardware Engineering Conference in May. One concern is that if the look and feel is revealed too soon, it could be copied by others well before Microsoft ever ships Longhorn.” Full article here.

Here are some QuickTime movies of the “Aero” UI preview from – you’ll have to let them download fully before they will play:
Windows wave (3.6 MB)
Stars Wars rotate (3.5 MB)
Aero dizzy (7.1 MB)

MacDailyNews Take: Whoops! Longhorn’s “Aero” UI look and feel has already been copied due to a dastardly act by Apple Computer, Inc. The Cupertino Mac maker seems to have employed some nefarious method of time travel; jumping forward to 2005 to steal Longhorn’s “Aero” UI look and feel, then jumping back to March 2001 to release a copy known by the unoriginal (and obviously Aero-inspired) name “Aqua” and employing a so-called technology named “Quartz.” See the results of this obvious act of copying via time travel here. Apple also seems to be intent on building upon the copied “Aero” look and feel with their own “innovations,” including Expos


  1. They can’t really be serious about someone trying to copy that garbage….. right?

    This looks like a seriously huge lawsuit in the making; millions of windows users will want money for damages due to Longhorn’s “windows-effect” makes them cock-eyed.

  2. “Aero”!!!! Amazing!!! Of course, XP was pure coincidence too!! I wonder if Bill Gates has a poster of Steve Jobs up in his bedroom.

    Oh God! I’d rather not think about it!

    John Davis

  3. I believe Microsoft’s concerns are directed more towards the developers of Gnome and KDE GUIs that provide front ends for Linux. They are heavily Windows inspired in their current incarnations. It is not unreasonable to think that future versions of these projects would continue to borrow heavily from Windows.

    Right now Microsoft pays far mor attention to Linux as a threat than to Apple and OS X.

  4. Irregardless, Microsoft has perfected the art of copying the work of others. They copyrighted that claim way back in 1985 with Windows 1.0 anyway. It doesn’t matter if they are referring to Linux GUIs or not, it isn’t “copying Longhorn” when they themselves copied heavily from Apple first long before Longhorn ever went into development. It would be a case of Linux copying from Apple via Microsoft is all…

  5. What is MS slogan for that mess?

    “Catch the Windows’ wave” with Max Headroom advertising MS?

    I would not be surprised after seeing how original MS is…

    MS has always taken a good idea and bastardizes it with 5-6 upgrades/patches to make it half as good as the original.

  6. Copy M$? Yeah right and Bill Clinton said “I did not have sex with that woman”. Well since Bill G. and his gang have the courts in thier pockets they will probable get by with ripping Apple off agin. The first time was back in the mid 90’s when they came out with the first Windoz 90 something. Looked a lot like Apple’s System 7, and they got by with it because at time Apple and the great Steve had parted ways and Apple was so broke from bad management that they couldn’t afford a lawsuite. I know because I was working for them at the time. Times have changed and now Apple has a lot of bucks and Steve is back. I hope that Apple screws Bill big time if M$ rips them off again.

  7. Apple won’t sue, mainly because the Office-killer isn’t here yet. And with OpenOffice delaying their version until 2005 or 2006, we’ll be even more dependent on M$ for an office suite for a while.

  8. Oh someone might steal the “look and Feel” of Longhorn the way M$ STOLE that from Apple for Windows 3.0 and everything after it ??

    BTW – they did the same thing a 5-6 years ago with 10,000 lines of code from Apple’s QT.

    Tell me something credible, M$ should worry about OTHERS stealing from them?? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue wink” style=”border:0;” />

  9. LOL. Do you think OpenOffice for mac wasn’t delayed for no reason. It was put on the back burner because another corporation is already using the OpenOffice source as a basis for a Mac version. They will re-contribute back to the community their modifications ala Safari. Can you guess who?

  10. “Irregardless” – the second most mispronounced word in the English language behind “mute” (e.g. It’s a mute point). Is moot that hard to remember?

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