A tale of two school systems: Windows schools crippled while Mac schools unaffected

“Bowling Green City Schools Technology Coordinator Lee Jordan thought the system


  1. You can’t get better press than this.

    Btw, I spoke with an H.S. Principal who had cast the tie-breaking vote (of teachers) to consolidate on the Windows platform the day before the Klev (sic) virus hit, disabling all the Windows PCs, but leaving their Macs unaffected. He then quickly changed his mind and switched his vote and the school is now running entirely on Macs running OS X Jaguar.


    The University of California at Santa Barbara has banned the use of Windows in the dormitories.
    “We have to consider the overall health of our network when dealing with vulnerable operating systems, virus protection, and network security threats.”
    — UCSB Staff notice

    There might be a new age of awareness rolling on…

  3. “Jordan said the county lucked out because it has mostly Apple computers,…”

    There is no luck at all involved. Whenever any person or organization considers a Mac rather than Windows as their preferred computer, Mac’s vastly superior virus protection is always a factor in the decision. It is not a secret nor a trivial feature, especially when an organization has to administer hundreds or thousands of computers on their network.

    For any organization to consider using a system in the industry’s minority, there must have been a significant amount of research done to come to that conclusion. You don’t just stumble into an Apple store and say, “We’ll take 200 of those for our schools only because you are closer to the mall entrance than the Dell dealer.”

  4. “Jordan said he�s not sure what can be done to prevent such occurrences in the future.”

    What an idiot!
    He’s quoted as saying that the other county was largely unaffected because of the Apple computers.
    Then goes on to say he’s not sure what can be done?

    Hello? McFly???

  5. Ah…so they did NOT ban Windows, just Win2K. Worse, they actually reccommend Windows XP.

    A step in the right direction, I suppose, but not exactly an endorsement for Macs.

  6. I initially thought “Wow, despite its shaky academic reputation, UCSB made a really smart move.” Then I read about the recommendation to move to XP Pro. D’oh!!

  7. There is a mindshare that is accumulating over these continual attacks with viruses, worms, and trojans that seem to only take down Windows based systems.

    Eventually people will learn that there is a solution out there and Apple is it’s name. Tell a friend.

  8. My bad. Sorry for the incomplete information. It was reported on “The register” which did not specify Windows version. I came to fast to the conclusion that was concerning all Windows flavors since they all have been affected. Maybe a step but it is not stopping them to be attacked next time again.

    Next time I’ll cross check. If it is too good to be true…

  9. This is actually something not reported on the press. If the same virus affects practically all Windows flavor it is because it exploits the very SAME flaw. Microsoft can change the names to all its OSes but essentially virii and worms prove that their guts practically never evolved.

    Users update and spend money for a new package and different eye-candies plus some pacthed layer on top of what was pre-existing.
    Seems like new M$ OS are esentially re-launch of old ones with a new packaging. More like when Pepsi changes the tin can decoration and opening system. It still is Pepsi.

  10. Can’t wait for the day when we’re (mac users) crippled with some monster virus, it’ll almost be a case of celebration: “We’ve arrived damn it”…..

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