Apple adds ‘New Music Tuesdays’ tracks and exclusives to iTunes Music Store

Apple’s “New Music Tuesdays” continue to roll on weekly. Apple has announced new releases to the iTunes Music Store, including The Neptunes, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Thelonious Monk, Amy Grant, Alan jackson, Jessica Simpson, Kings Of Leon, and Chet Baker. Apple has also added music from Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Deep Dish, Fred Astaire, The Supremes, 311, New Order, Neil Young, and Julio Iglesias, Jr.

Exclusive tracks from Sakamoto, Less Than jake, Rancid, Nappy Roots, and more have also been added this week.

More information on the Apple iTunes Music Store here.


  1. From the new music tuesdays alone, how many tracks has apple added on top of their original offering of ~200,000??
    has anyone tried to keep track of this? It seems to me that if this trend has kept up since the stores opening (I’m not sure if it started right away) that adding tracks each week for 20 weeks (or so, just a guess) would add up to quite a large number. Lets say that even 20 tracks were released each week, that’d be 400 more already…and isn’t each Tuesday more than 20 tracks? Could the store be up around 300,000 already? What do you all think?

    btw, I can’t wait for my new dual 2Ghz G5 to get here 😀

  2. Dunno really but there are more than 20 tracks each week. Some of the additions are full albums.
    Might well be 300,000 by now. And with Rolling Stones and Beatles (apparently) coming up the count could suddenly grow sharply.

  3. At a guess, I’d imagine that the artists mentioned on NMT are having full albums uploaded, not just individual tracks. If this in fact is the case then, you could extrapolate approx. 200-300 tracks per week which only equates to 10,000 – 15,000 tracks per year. A long way off 300,000 at this stage if the starting volume was 200,000.

  4. haha, oops, sorry bout my crazy math mishap there…wasn’g thinking in hundreds of thousands or something (it was before my morning coffee). So really there have probably only been a few thousand tracks added, even at 100 songs a week you still only have 2,000 songs added at this point (again, just a guess). How has apple progressed with independent labels though? I read a bunch about how they were getting the same deal as the big 5, but then I haven’t heard much. I figure that apple will leave an official recount of possibly 300,000 tracks in the store until they release the windows version. To me that makes sense, release itunes for windows and at the same time say that you now have 300,000 songs to offer.

  5. And a first for any online music store. Live tracks from Less Then Jake recorded at an apple store. LIVE from the Apple Store! That is cool and it truly is exclusive to the apple iTMS.

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