Stream your iChat buddy icon as live video with iChat Streaming Icon

iChat Streaming Icon is a Cocoa application works together with iChat AV to change your static buddy icon into a real video preview of yourself. Works with any Quicktime compatible video camera like: iSight, iBot, most USB or DV Firewire video cameras. This free beta expires 1st September 2003.

More info and download link here.


  1. It’s a great idea but it has one huge flaw, it saves each picture on your HD. Within a day I had almost 5000 images stored in my ichat cache. I didn’t even know this was happening until another ichat user told me about it. It’s possible for it to fill up a majority of your HD if you use it for a couple of months.

    I hope ichat becomes like ivisit, where you’ll see everyones video image when your in a chat room.

  2. works great…even non ichat users see you…much clearer then other webcam-ish software…hey eddy lucas…could you tell me where its putting these cached images…cause i have less then a gig left on my tiBookk…thanks

  3. To clear the icon cache (I think it’s a bug in iChat AV beta) enter this in the Terminal:

    find ~/Library/Caches/ -name ‘*.jpg’ -and -delete

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