Analyst: ‘Apple will have problems filling’ G5 orders; demand ‘will not impact Apple’s market positi

“Noting that demand for the latest Power Mac is strong, according to the company, IDC analyst Roger Kay told NewsFactor that Apple will have problems filling those orders, just it has with most new products. “They ramp up production after launching a new product and usually have trouble meeting the initial demand,” he said,” reports Jay Wrolstad.

Wrolstad continues, “Kay said that while the G5 will not impact Apple’s market position, it will provide a fresh start for the company’s professional systems target audience. ‘This is for existing Mac users who want to upgrade, not for new users, and the performance enhancements should attract professional customers,’ he said.”

Wrolstad reports, “Mac users ‘should run, not walk,’ to their local store to check out the G5, says Aberdeen Group analyst Peter Kastner. ‘Mac buyers can stand tall; they now have what is arguably a performance leader.'”

“The new machines retail for US$1,999, $2,399 and $2,999, depending upon processor speed. All are equipped with Mac OS X Jaguar version 10.2.7, an upgrade with enhancements specifically for the G5,” Wrolstad reports.

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  1. Nagromme: Again, who, outside of fringes of Mac loons, cares? Besides, there isn’t anything inherently wrong with Wintel machines that prevents them from being useful for longer periods of times–that they are disposable is more a function of the users than the machines. In the past 8 years at the office we’ve never tossed out a PC–homebrewed machines, Compaqs, HP’s–because there was anything functionally wrong with them. In fact, we just retired our first PC ever–an eight year old, Windows 95 75 MHZ Pentium. When we tossed it, it could still run Office 95 and WordPerfect 7 fine, could still be used for email or to browse the web, could still be used to play older games, just like an old Mac. If we had a need for one, we could have wiped out Windows 95, stuck Linux on it, and used it for a firewall or a print server. There’s no reason to think we couldn’t have gotten another 3 years out of the thing, if we had had any desire to keep it around.

  2. I wish I was as emotional and passionate about computers as you, OJ ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> You may be a Mac loon who cares as much as you seem to, posting at length to help other poor Mac users see the light, all the while acting as though THEY and not you are wasting energy. But all I really see is a troll, in classic, childish style. G5 jealousy has brought them out in droves. They spend so much effort, and never convince anyone of a thing. Hilarious at first… then sad… and then so… boring….

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