InfoWorld: ‘Smart IT directors should consider’ Apple Xserve; Xserve RAID

“Not so many years ago, anyone taking Apple seriously in the world of enterprise computing was a subject of mockery. But Apple continues to make headway in its drive to reinvent itself as a serious enterprise computing player. Building on the enthusiastic reception by analysts and users alike of its original Xserve rack-mounted server, the desktop computing pioneer has expanded its high-end offerings to include a clustered server configuration, a 2.5TB 3U RAID array, and a second-generation Xserve that features faster CPUs and enhancements to the cooling systems,” writes P.J.


  1. Unfortunately, in many smaller firms, IT managers are business admin types promoted into the position and have little, if any, real knowledge of what’s available or possible. They have, however, heard all of the FUD and are therefore VERY reluctant to stick their necks out and switch away from Micro$oftopoly. Their purpose in life is to not screw-up anything while awaiting another promotion. They WILL however, drop everything for a Micro$oftopoly-only environment under the argument of standardization, which business-types love.

  2. True: Apple need to step in into big firms. Then little firms IT managers will be questioned why they are not looking at what the <BIGNAME-here> guys are instead doing and – what’s more – saving money and troubles with the last virus which had instead shut down their little firm corporate network.

  3. Why should Apple reinvent? I can easily imagine Apple using the well-ventilated faceplate from the G5 Mac and apply it to their 1U Xserve.

    People should have learned long ago not to say anything about what is possible or not at Apple. In addition, I am very sure they will not have a problem making the new 64-bit Xserve parallel process with the 32-bit Xservers currently in the rack. All with the same stable and beautiful OS.

    I don’t think there is enough Migraine Strength Excedrine in the world to cure Gates’ new headache of imagining how to perform this trick on Windows (within this decade).

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