Cleveland-area school equips every teacher and student with 280 Apple iBooks

“‘No more pencils, no more books’ could become more than a summertime anthem in Beachwood Middle School, which will be among the first in the nation to equip every student and teacher with a laptop computer. ‘We are paving the way for how education is going to change over the next few years and in the future,’ said Edward Bernetich, principal of the new school,” reports Jesse Tinsley for The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

“The 240 students and 40 teachers each will get an Apple iBook laptop computer for class- related use at home and school. Virtual, paperless education, when students are able to access text books online, may not be too far in the future, he said. Last month the district leased the iMacs [sic – should read iBooks] for four years. Each computer costs about $1,000. The district spent $300,000 of its $700,000 technology budget to start the program,” Tinsley reports.

Tinsley reports, “Apple computers were perfect, Bernetich said, because ‘Apple seems to be more user- friendly for our kids. A lot of the programs they have seem to work better with some of the projects we are working on in our in our art and technology classes.'”

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  1. > Cleveland-area school equips every teacher and student with 280 Apple iBooks

    Wow, what are all those people going to do with 280 iBooks? If every teacher and student has 280 iBooks, how will they fit in a classroom!?

  2. Wow, that’s incredible! I personally don’t think I could use more than 150 iBooks! These teachers and students must be impressive to be able to use 280 each! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. It seems I am reading more and more of Apple’s success in selling whole school districts with the notebook idea. There school initiative and sales force seems to be working.

  4. Stingerman wrote:
    “There [sic] school initiative and sales force seems to be working”

    It may seem like that but Apple (and sites like MDN) are publicizing Apple’s success whereas the wintel side does not publicize such minor sales. Apple is continuing to loose the education market.

    If your point is desktop vs notebook, I have to agree that Apple is more successful with the notebook idea, but then again the market as a whole has changed its focus to notebooks. Comparing Apple’s lineup, the notebook makes the most sense financially.

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