Site Poll: in which order would you like the Reader feedback displayed?

This is a poll to determine how users of MacDailyNews would like to see the Reader feedback displayed on the site.

Would you like the MacDailyNews Reader feedback comments displayed:

1) In reverse chronological order (most recent comment first; at the top – this is the current configuration)

2) In chronological order (most recent comments last; at the bottom)

Please use the Reader Feedback below (apropos, huh?) to register your vote. Just type in “1” or “2” and/or explain your vote, if you like. If there is a clear majority, we will make the Reader feedback display accordingly. Thank you.


  1. 1

    Recent on top is standard for forums, and best because it means you can check back and see what’s new easily. And if you want to review everything, scroll down and that’s still doable.

    BUT add a little note: “Most recent on top. First post at the bottom.” Link the word “bottom” to an anchor that scrolls the page to the very bottom. Then with one click and no scrolling or re-load, people can start at the beginning.

Reader Feedback

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