Single Mac keeps company running while Windows machines fail due to Blaster worm

What follows is an anonymous email we received early this morning posted in its entirety:

Dear MacDailyNews,

What a day! And night. Yesterday at work, the whole place was down due to the Blaster worm. Computers freaking out more than usual, except mine. Nobody could get online to access the web or get email and the IT staff, a third of whom were on vacation, were losing their minds.

This is the same IT staff that fought me tooth and nail when I requisitioned my Apple Macintosh computer (PowerBook G4 15-inch). They said at the time that they couldn’t support multiple platforms, that I wouldn’t be able to access the network – all of the usual falsehoods many others experience every day. What I went through to finally gain approval for the Mac purchase I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy! But, in the end, I got my Mac.

Well, yesterday, my Mac was the only functioning computer at work. My Mac handled several important emails which resulted in sales (revenue) for the company – this would’ve been impossible to achieve had we been stuck in a homogenous Windows situation as IT wanted. Basically, without the Apple Mac, no business would’ve been conducted yesterday.

The Mac was used for the first time by several top managers to communicate with their business contacts throughout the day and into the evening. Many of these people came away with a very positive impression of the Mac and seemed bowled over by Mac OS X. The fact that the Mac just worked and all of the Windows PCs didn’t was not lost on these upper management people. In fact, several have scheduled meetings with IT to figure out how to prevent such a mess in the future and one thing they seem to want is to “mix in some Macs around here for safety,” as one manager put it.

So, the Mac came through with flying colors, helped make a great deal of revenue and may have gained a foothold in my company! Perhaps even the IT guys will come around now. Thought you would like to know.


  1. I’ma mac user, but work in a mostly PC environment quite similiar to the one described above. I have a feeling that I will be saying “I told you so” a lot more than usual this week.

  2. I hope that when the day comes when workers will be begging to keep a Windows PC, we will remember this day and have mercy.

    Yes, we should keep PCs around, because diversity is strength. Just ask any farmer who rotates his crops ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Diversity is always strength! That is why we have almost every computer we have ever bought, at least one model, still in operation. You never know when you will need to insert a floppy into a System 7 Mac or one running DOS 3.11 when that is all a (cheap) client is still using. Lets hope that floppy doesn’t have a virus…

  4. You should make the IT guys apologize to you in front of everyone and admit that their wonderful PC’s suck ass and the great company they worship has just raped them, again. As Nelson from the Simpsons says “HAHA!”

  5. I doubt this scare will do anything about promoting Apple. Microsoft has created its most important sales force and advocates – IT staff who wouldn’t have jobs if MS actually created good software. IT staff have a vested interest in keeping Windows PCs and software.

  6. Here is an idea for a commercial. Base it on the old Honda Commercial.

    Show pictures of computers crashing because of viruses and people yelling, screaming, and companies, web servers going down.

    While a voice calmly states “Apple would like to thank Windows for making Apple users so loyal…”

    I know Apple would never do that, but hey it is a good idea.

  7. yeah! telling people “I told you so” will really endear them to you and your platform. why not rub their noses in it too? drag them over to their PCs and yell “Piece of Crap! Piece of Crap! THAT’S what PC stands for…ya GET IT NOW?!?!” that will surely make them buy Macs! who wouldn’t respond to being made a fool of? ;->

    let the Mac speak for itself. they will get it. in time.

  8. Here’s a thought. Maybe every organization should have at least one or more Mac (and one Linux box?) just for such an emergency. That’s the way for Apple to gain a foothold in IT. By appealing to the executives as a safety measure!

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