The Beatles’ Apple Records could be gearing up for fight with Apple Computer

“Apple Computers [sic] could be gearing up for a fight with The Beatles’ Apple Records label if the computer company continues making moves in the music industry. Apple caused a stir with the launch of their iTunes music download service, forcing the music industry to sit up and pay attention to the potential of digital music sales. Now they are making noises about diversifying into other areas of the music industry and it has even been suggested that the company has its sights set on buying the Universal Music Group,” reports.

“However, Apple has already run into trouble with its namesake, The Beatles’ Apple Records, when they breached a 1981 agreement with the label in which they consented never to take an interest in the music business. Steve Jobs’ Apple Computers was forced to pay out $26 million simply because they began producing music files and associated software,” reports.

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  1. Namesake? Apple wasn’t named after Apple Records, it was named after the fruit that fell on the head of Sir Isaac Newton.

    The only way I see Apple exposed here is the URL: Otherwise, they’re pretty careful to call it the “iTunes Music Store” everywhere. That URL wasn’t a very good idea, tho.

  2. That lawsuit over Apple and music was settled years ago. I can’t imagine Apple going through with iTunes, etc. without having made sure that was taken care of. $26 million is a lot of money. Plus Apple Records is pretty much dead anyway (except for royalties they collect).

  3. I can’t imagine Apple not having settled the music issue with Apple Records – completely settled. Especially seeing their music intents that are unfolding.

    Just got a 15g iPod. Sitting here on my desk. Still in box. Begging me to open it. Can’t until I finish project or i’ll never work the rest of the day. <trying to control breathing>

  4. OLD “NEWS!”… This is from an article that ran somewhere else over a month or so ago! It has no basis in fact. Apple records hasn’t said squat about Apple’s iTune Music store, or anything else for that matter. It was just the original author trying to “stir something up” and generate some flame email to justify his job! It didn’t work then either. (MacDailyNews please take note!) What’s the matter… slow “news” day?

  5. It was a story on FOX news from awhile back. If you can find the story and read it, you’ll find out that the writer was just using innuendo and doing a LOT of inferring to try to make a VERY weak case.

  6. Who cares about Apple Records! The Beatles are history. ITMS has, in no way, any impact on Apple Records or Apple Records will lose this case, HARD!!!!

  7. Oh Great,
    What do you mean “The Beatles are history”? They are only the most influential rock band the industry has ever seen. Don’t believe me? Look to in a poll they asked hundreds of bands in essence “What band made you want to get into music”?
    I hope you’re in your teens and idolize Britney because anyone who knows anything about music acknowledges that The Beatles are the greatest band ever!!!

  8. This is just a re-hash of old news. Apple Records couldn’t care less regarding Apple Computers music sales or utilities. It’s all about content creation, and so far Steve Jobs hasn’t put together any bands. Find some real news.

  9. Yes, and Proctor and Gamble, makers of Crest toothpaste may be gearing up for a fight against the Tooth Fairy. Who is this lameo Dotmusic, and why do you bother re-printing this tripe?

  10. Most of you people don’t know your Apple history very well… A couple years back, Apple Records sued Apple Computers over the name “Apple”. An agreement was reached wherein Apple Computers could continue to use the name Apple as long as they operate solely in the computer industry and agreed to never enter the entertainment industry, as not to cause confusion with Apple Records.

    Now Apple Computers has violated that agreement by opening the ITMS. Therefore, it isn’t a sure bet that Apple Records will lose this case HARD, as OhGreat seems to think. And this isn’t flame journalism, it’s fact.

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