RUMOR: New 15-inch PowerBook; iMac updates; new Apple displays by August 19th

“Many sources are agreeing [on the announcement of] new offerings at Apple, either on Monday 18th or Tuesday 19th. New PowerBooks are mentioned, with an aluminium 15” and an increase in frequency for 12” and 17”, [and] also new displays, which would adopt the G5 look with a punch-holed casing. And maybe but who knows, a little update of the iMacs, to boost the sales that have been quite sluggish the last months,” MacBidouille is reporting.

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  1. Where’s my Sager 8890 from… j/k

    I definitely need to replace my G4 Cube with a better mobile solution like the Powerbook. I would love to see the 17″ have two hard drives and full sized keyboard.


  2. PB updates closer to September to allow channel to clear but also make time for Xmas purchase season.

    Displays are doing very well in absence of [and despite of] anyone actually owning a G5 BUT us image-aware lads are obviously holding out for aluminium-on-aluminium for our desktop set-ups.

  3. Not very good with announcements? Who was the site leading and breaking the G5 rumors from the get-go? They’ve moved up in the rumor world, they have a real source (unlike MacWhispers or MOSR)

  4. Here’s to hoping for the 20-inch display to become the low-end (thus more affordable) If that happens, my order for the Dual G5 and 20 inch monitor goes in the same day ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />))

  5. Along with the new PowerBooks, MacDailyNews is making a name change to MacDailyGossip. Oh, paalleeeezzzz!!

    How about authentic NEWS like Microsoft being slammed by the EU for restricting media players…

    – OR –

    Another major Microsoft virus taking over ALL Windows-based computers…

    – OR –

    Microsoft loosing a browser copyright infringement lawsuit in Chicago resulting in a half a BILLION DOLLAR fine…

    All of this happened within 1 weekend and MacDailyNews decides to run Apple gossip instead! Geeesh! Don’t you guys ever learn that no matter what you speculate about Apple’s releases, it is always much better then the rumors? Just sit and wait. That way you won’t look like such idiots when you are wrong.

  6. Upcoming new Mac model? Arrive home and fire up your new ultimate eHome appliance!
    Looks like an LCD iMac, but tap any key to wake it up. You’ll see that your ApplePhone SW shows you have 4 voicemail messages, which you can return by just clicking on the contact or phone number. Walk around while you’re talking, the built-in microphone makes your Mac a speakerphone. You notice your printer has a few faxes that arrived, and you fax replies using the built-in sw. That done, you want to check the 6 pm news, so fire up the TV Tuner (connected to your coax cable). Rather listen to NPR? Switch over to the FM Tuner, using your infrared remote. Sounds great through the Bose system with subwoofer.
    A dream or a flashback? I do all this on my 20th Anniversary Mac, still my daily driver after 6 years.

    Why not take the 17″ iMac form, add the needed Apple-branded SW (and possibly the coax TV cable connector), and you have a Definite Dell-killer.
    Maybe add touchscreen film for fingerpoint navigation, to really set the PC world on its ear again.
    When I see Steve demo-ing this, my TAM shuts down and goes on eBay.

  7. GOOD POINT Aryugaetu!

    Out of curiosity, is there a single site out there with all anti-M$ news? I’d love to read about them and all the stupid S!*@ they are doing….

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