Already wrecked pseudo Macworld backing out of Boston; wants to stay in NYC

“Macworld’s much-trumpeted return to the Hub next year may not happen after all, as the events promoter revealed yesterday that he may keep the legendary tech show in the Big Apple after all. IDG World Expo, which controls the prominent show known as a Mecca-like magnet for deep-pocketed Mac users, said yesterday that it could make more sense to keep the show in New York,” reports Scott Van Voorhis in The Boston Herald.

“David Korse, the new head of the trade show company, told the Herald he has launched an in-depth study on the merits of New York vs. Boston and will make a final decision by Labor Day. Already IDG has canceled reservations for a major block of rooms at the Seaport Hotel during the event next year. But backing out now would be dishonest, griped Charlie Greco, the former Macworld chief who negotiated the Boston deal. ‘There have been many months of negotiations, discussions, development of relationships . . . to come in now at this late date (and back out) on an agreement we had signed would be truly dishonest and unprofessional,” Greco told the Herald yesterday,” Van Voorhis reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Where to begin, where to begin… How about, “we told you so” and long ago at that? Read “Fruitless Macworld Expo” from Wednesday, October 16, 2002 for the background. Greco is the idiot who screwed the pooch here. His successor is simply trying to patch up the already sunken ship that was MacWorld NYC. Good luck, Mr. Korse.

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  1. Greco is truly an idiot. I used to love MacWorld NYC in the Javits. He ruined it, ran away or got fired, and now proves his stupidity by commenting on the guy who’s trying to fix his mess.

  2. MacWorld Boston just never made sense. I don’t understand what they were thinking. New York is the major hub of media activity for the world. Why the hell would they ever move it to Boston? No offense to Boston, but it’s not the world’s media capital. When you consider how many mac users are in NYC, I can’t believe they even considered this.

  3. Comparing NYC to Boston is like comparing Jack Nicklaus to a weekend duffer. There are many “Bostons” in this world, but there is only one New York City. And, yeah, Greco was/is an idiot.

  4. well, boston has deep connections to macs… quicktime was spawned from there amoung other things… but it’s more of the intellectual capitol than creative spot of the eastcoast, so steve is looking for the larger publicity generated there… sorry boston, we miss you… do you have time for tea?

  5. Yep, never made sense to me why you would (sorry but) ‘downgrade’ to Boston. Not that Boston isn’t nice but puhleease! NY, NY is the city that never sleeps for cripessake! Am I wrong?

    Well, glad to see someone is going to take on the sh*tty task of fixing something that never should have been broken in the first place.

  6. If you’re gonna get into an elephant pi**ing contest with Steve Jobs, you gotta be a more than a WHO?!!! (Charlie Greco) – that’s what it came down to – humm, who is gonna win this one?

    It’s bad negotiation on Chuckie’s part – if you issue an ultimatium, you have to be prepared for the consequence of the ultimatium. Valuable esson for the ‘out of a job but won’t shut up about it’ Charlie Greco.

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