Apple adds ‘New Music Tuesdays’ tracks and exclusives to iTunes Music Store

Apple’s “New Music Tuesdays” continue to rock on weekly. Apple has announced new releases to the iTunes Music Store, including Smash Mouth, Jeff Beck, Junior Senior, Willie Nelson, Burt Bacharach, Frankie Ruiz, The Derek Trucks Band, and Waylon Jennings. Apple has also added music from Art Tatum, Marc Cohn, Vince Guaraldi, Elton John, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Harsh Kale, They Might Be Giants, and Daniel Bedingfield.

Exclusive tracks from Ben Folds, Aaron Neville and more have also been added this week.

More information on the Apple iTunes Music Store here.


  1. You’d think some of these news services and reviewers would now get the song library numbers right. iTMS had 200,000 songs at it’s introduction, but after all of these weeks of additions, it’s obviously many more than that now. They still want to quote 300,000 for even though it’s obvious they don’t have that many available, so the least they could do is accurately state that Apple has OVER 200,000 now…

  2. I forgot to mention that I’m referring to reviews like the one TechTV did yesterday that inaccurately reflects the music library size, and not to news services like MacDailyNews…

  3. I think someone needs to see if apple will look at selling music videos also i know alot of people that would pay $5 to $10 easy for them i think they could make alot of money doing this does anyone else think this at all?

  4. I completely disagree on your pricing of $5 to $10 for one music video, Taylor. What they should however do is place tons more streaming videos on iTMS for free viewing. has the most music videos for FREE on the internet, and it isn’t compatible with OS X. If people want to purchase music videos, iTMS could sell artist’s video compilations that can currently be found on DVD or VHS. The videos should sell for MUCH LESS than $5 to $10. That’s simply a ridiculous price range that made me squint in pain. Don’t give the MAN any more money than he deserves.

  5. follow up: Oh maybe i said it wrong i totaly agree with u Colthere that it is defenitly to high a price i was just saying i know people that would pay that much to have rights to download it and burn them on a dvd i was just trying to say that they would pay that much for it but i do hope apple will come up with something for people to buy music videos i think a $1 or maybe $2 is about right but thats me

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