Chicago Sun Times columnist: iChat isn’t the first, just the best videoconferencing tool

“iChat AV isn’t the first videoconferencing tool, but it’s the first to flawlessly integrate multimedia into the chat model,” writes Andy Ihnatko for The Chicago Sun Times. “I go a step further, and assert that iChat AV is an improvement on the telephone itself. What if you picked up your handset, scrolled to a friend’s name and photo, and even before dialing you knew that he was near the phone and had time to talk? What if a ringing phone didn’t mean, [‘Drop everything, and talk to me right now!!!’ but instead, ‘I’d like to chat with you about something, but hey, feel free to finish that piece of fried chicken and wash your hands before picking up?'”

Ihnatko writes, “If that were the case, telephones would become so popular that eventually there’d be one in every home. The fact that you’re getting free national and international long-distance is gravy. But phones are boring. IChat’s video quality is outstanding: its full-screen at near-VHS quality, and with a high frame rate that eliminates the choppy nature of video-over-Internet. The end result is that iChat AV is the first desktop solution that makes you feel like you’re talking face-to-face with a person, instead of a window.”

Full article, “Another quantum leap for Apple with flawless videoconferencing tool,” here.


  1. please…Andy is a mega-mac partisian! I was really hoping the author was someone like the Sun’s Jim Coates an often balanced and respected writer. I swear it’ss one thing to drink the Kool-Aid, we all do, but come on this isn’t at all an independent or credible view…IMHO! When I agrue with PC friends I don’t use macWorld reviews. I love when I can show PC world or InfoWorld etc., Andy is Mac through and through. Big deal.

  2. First, it’s a column – not a report. And even with his obvious Mac slant, he is right on the money. I mean, what’s there to argue with here? If your PC friends don’t believe it, just show them the product. As they say, the proof is in the pudding – and no columnist (whether in MacWorld or PC World) is going to be able to change that. Andy is just stating it.

    Um, have you used iChat AV? I use it every day.

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