Australian IT: Power Mac G5 really is ‘fastest personal computer’ after all

“Microprocessor Watch, perhaps the most respected technical publication for the microprocessor industry, has weighed in with an analysis of Apple’s claims. The verdict of senior editor Peter Glaskowsky: Apple’s PowerPC G5 processors have transformed the Mac platform into a ‘viable competitor’ to today’s fastest PCs,” reports David Frith in his column “The Barrow” for

“…in words that will be regarded as pure gold at Apple headquarters, Glaskowsky sums up: ‘Though Apple continues to insist that its Power Mac systems are desktops, their features and performance outstrip those of any mainstream PC desktop. In comparison with dual-processor PC workstations, Apple can claim performance and price leadership,'” Frith reports.

“To The Barrow’s ears that sounds like an endorsement of the G5 as the fastest PC on the planet after all,” Frith concludes.

Full article here.


  1. Isn’t it great to hear knockers try the ‘But it’s not a PC – it’s a workstation’ counter.

    So we have a WORKSTATION, but at PC prices.

    Hmmmmmmmm. Sounds like a pretty good marketing tag-line to me.

    Thanks, WINTEL WORLD…the cheque is manifestly NOT in the post…

    Brother Mugga

  2. Duh. The Power Mac G5 runs rings around Xeon workstations in real world apps. The “Wintel” world is in a state of denial and shock and they are displaying the classic signs. See here:

    “Denial, in psychology, an ego defense mechanism that operates unconsciously to resolve emotional conflict, and to allay anxiety by refusing to perceive the more unpleasant aspects of external reality. In the psychoanalytic theory of Sigmund Freud, denial is described as a primitive defense mechanism. Anna Freud studied the widespread occurrence of denial among small children and explained that the mature ego does not continue to make extensive use of denial, because it conflicts with the capacity to recognize and critically test reality. Most people employ denial at some time in their lives when coping with stressful situations, such as the death of a loved one. Elisabeth K�bler-Ross’s influential theory describes denial as the first stage of a dying person’s progress in coming to terms with terminal illness. In such instances, denial may be considered adaptive. It is considered maladaptive, however, when it becomes delusional. In recent years, the term is used more generally, to describe the suppression of reality rather than a particular defense mechanism in the Freudian sense.”

  3. Brother Mugga – The Intel crowd isn’t the only one’s who say the G5 is a workstation, not a PC. Apple people say the same thing when trying to justify why the price went up on the PowerMacs. All I have heard is “because its not really a PC, its a professional line workstation.”

    I wouldn’t say that the G5 is at PC prices. Yes it beats Intel based workstations but you can get very fast 2.8 ghz PC’s for around $1000. I know they won’t match the specs of the G5 but people still look at price.

  4. yeah Mac. Now the only problem is making enough to satisfy the demand. Dolt! Guess thats why they cost so much, they have already been ordered beyond supply. Supply and demand, folks. If there were 100,000 units ready, they could sell them for less – but would they all have sold? I still want one, but when?

  5. r.e. Jeff.

    Yeah, that’s fair enough in some respects – but you’re still having to pay about another �800-1000 for an equivalent x86 machine (something I never thought I’d say…). And the low-end 1.6 is PC priced but still very very fast (or so it would appear).

    Then again, let’s see what happens with the Operton and Athlon 64. Could be interesting?

    Brother Mugga

  6. compliments to everyone for keeping this a sane forum so far.
    It is getting old and tired with the “if you disagree with me you must suck” arguements that have been all over these G5 debates. I reserve my opinion until I put it next to my friend’s PC and we get to “drag race” with them. Sometimes his comparable PC Got the best of mine and sometimes not, in the past. But we never forget that they are just machines, tools for fun and profit. I pay a bit more but in 15 years of using these fruit boxes I have always gotten my moneys worth out of them. I have no problem with PCs I just like my Mac better.

    Be well

  7. I hope the G5 PowerMacs arrive soon because all these independent banchmark tests are just confusing the issue. Nothing beats real-world performance and favourable word-of-mouth for promoting a good piece of hardware. When people who use G5s and any one of the killer apps (Quark, PhotoShop, Unreal tournament 2003 & Doom 3) start telling us that there is no comparison with Windows PCs then the argument will be settled. Of course the issue could be confused by poorly written code…

  8. i really have to agree with turtle, i use both, for some things wintel beats mac sometimes viceversa. What I don’t like with the mac is that everbody else is using microsoft, so i’m forced to run MS anyway even though i’m not very fond of it. I have one thing to say about it all regardless of who is fastest. I LOVE my Mac and everytime a use it I can’t help myself smiling, windows on the other hand……..I just use…….no love involved….=) what so ever….

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