Microsoft Exchange Update for Entourage X due today; provides ‘enhanced functionality’ with Exchange

Microsoft has announced the availability today of Microsoft Exchange Update for Entourage X 10.1.4, which provides enhanced functionality between Entourage X for Mac and Microsoft Exchange Server.

Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit (MacBU) recommends that Office v. X for Mac customers download the free update for enhancements to Word X, PowerPoint X and Excel X as well.

The free Exchange Update for Entourage X download will be available Monday, Aug. 4 at (8 a.m. PDT), according to Microsoft.

More info here.


  1. If you’re looking for right-left language support — don’t bother, it’s not here. How hard is this to do since it’s built into the OS? I don’t use Entourage so this update is basically useless to me; Word seems a little snappier though.

  2. Useless…..The feature that was truly needed is the ability to act as a proxy/delagete for calendears (to be able to see and change someone else’s calendar)
    This is not there!!!!!!! Once again, MS has given the Mac users much less than they give to the PC users. You can do this on a mac using Outlook 2001 in classic, but not with Entourage.

  3. MS are determined to keep the corporate space to themselves. �400 for a piece of software, and when half the registered users put in one feature request, MS do a half-hearted effort at appeasement. This is not good enough. I cannot use this, my clients cannot use this. Microsoft should remember that one day, when it’s on it’s way down, people will remember the “we tell you where we want you to go today” philosophy. In the meantime, I will steer as many people to Linux servers as I can.

  4. From the Microsoft Mactopia site:

    “Now you can work smarter with Entourage X.”

    Work smarter? Did you guys graduate from 7th grade? Your customers aren’t from West Virginia. We know how to speak english.

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