Analyst: Retail Stores have helped Apple ‘stay alive and slow down the decline’

“Not many merchants could expect the packed house Apple Computer got at the opening of its new new store on Burlingame Avenue. Hundreds of Apple fanatics stood in line before the store opened July 26 as 3,500 people came through the doors that day. ‘The goal with these stores is to reach the other 95 percent of the people,’ said Jane Rauckhorst, Apple spokeswoman. Apple’s share of the personal computer market has been languishing in single digits in recent years, and the store is a tool to help grow that share,” Tim Simmers reports for The San Mateo County Times.

“It was Apple’s 63rd retail store around the country, and marked the third year of its push to sell its products at its own stores. ‘Apple was dropping like a rock before they started these stores,’ said Rob Enderle, an analyst with Forrester Research. ‘The stores have helped them stay alive and slow down the decline.’ Enderle added that Apple must bring in new customers, noting that customers are “aggressively buying” notebook computers,” Simmers reports.

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  1. “Apple unveiled its subscription-based iTunes online music service in May and has said it receives 5000,000 ((<<<— i hate it when i type those extra 0’s )) downloads a week. But it will face stiff competition this fall, as AOL, Amazon and MusicMatch gear up their online music services for the Windows platform. “

  2. “subscription-based” ?? I’m not paying a monthly fee for the music I “purchased” from the iTMS. My use of the music does not expire. It’s mine to use. Me thinks the San Mateo Times doesn’t know the meaning of the word “subscription” nor have they used the iTMS.

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