Columnist: reason for Wintel crowd’s outcry against Power Mac G5 speed claim is fear

“This whole brouhaha over the Veritest benchmarking stinks mightily. I smell a rat… in fact I smell a lot of rats. I smell the stink of hypocrisy from some corners but in the end all is overpowerd by The Smell of Fear,” writes Joe Carson over at

“Why? Because deep down underneath the Wintel Hegemony’s longstanding arrogance dwells the gnawing fear that eventually the public might wake up and realize that the Wintel Hegemony has built everything on stolen, copied and second rate technology. They have kept this under control with paid stooges in the media, well placed FUD plants to divert the public away from the sleight of hand tricks that have been played on them. They have spent a lot of PR time loudly proclaiming “innovations” that they conveniently forget to mention are almost invariably something they copied from Apple, often years later and usually copied badly,” Carson writes.

“The problem is that they are aware that Apple technology has always had the potential of marginalizing them if the Masses of the Great Unwashed ever found them out. The problem came home to roost when Apple announced the PowerMac G5. The PowerMac G5 delivers everything Wintel has only promised,” writes Carson.

“I detect the rank stench of The Smell of Fear rising from the piles of verbal manure being tossed around by the Wintel fanatics. The only reason that they have reacted so violently to the Veritest SPEC2000 benchmarks is that they know full well that they are real, and that reality spells the eventual end of Wintel,” writes Carson.

Full article, refuting each and every falsehood, point by point, that the Wintel Sufferers


  1. Dream on mate. I know what you mean about the copying and agree. But the stuff about the great unwashed and the G5 is just pipedreams.

    Microsoft have the market by the balls because the offered the most features for the less cost. Its a basic marketing principle. Apple offer the best product for the highest cost and seem happy and profitable for the time being to play a niche.

    The power of personal computers even one or two years ago was in excess of what *most* people will ever need to run word, excel etc. etc.

  2. Now it’s time for Apple to deliver the dream computer and for us, confirm the real power. If it is real power, evangelisation and education in the PC wilderness will go along, stronger than before. Apple have to deliver 30,000 G5 bi2Ghz before the end of september. Good Luck! Seems like the old story over and over

  3. Apple’s market share is going to increase slightly, but if there is any serious threat to Windows, watch Microsoft switch alliances to AMD and the Athlon-64. Intel is in trouble, the “Wintel” world isn’t. All it will take is one press release from Microsoft setting the direction and Dell, HP, Gateway et al will be moving their entire product lines off the Pentium. It’s the only way they can drive desktop sales, and Microsoft is not going to let it’s hold on the market crumble, even if it sacrifices Intel in the process.

  4. John what features would that be? And why is it that speed was everything two years ago, but since Apple is about to take that lead and then some, speed is not an issue any longer? I agree Apple will have to deliver on this one or there will be no chance for them to recover, but if they do deliver Intel and Windows will have a lot of cathing up to do.

    Plus the G5 is being delivered for less than Dell’s top of the line desktop.
    I see a one two punch coming (G5 plus Panther= KO)

    Just my 2cents.

  5. Market Share is a false indicator. Dell recently confessed in their quarterly SEC filing that they were selling PC’s at below what they should in order to gain market share, this is their practice. In the old days we used to call this dumping and it was illegal. But it only seems to be enforced on foreign companies trying to sell to the US market. For some reason, it is OK for US companies to practice what the law considers to be illegal. Of course, there is the European Commission. To sum, market share does not mean what it should, since companis like Dell have taken to a policy of dumping cheap PC’s into the US market. Further, in order to cope with the increased problems these cheap PC’s are creating, they are turning to India based call centers. Next time you call Dell support, notice the accent.

    Why is this a problem for the industry? Because it means that Dell is attempting to monopolize the PC business using dumping. In the process they kill innovation, destroy US enterprise and ultimately will create higher costs for less value. In time the cost of living in India will increase as it has in most developing companies and Dell’s cost will increase. With Dell bearing an ever stronger presence, companies such as Intel, AMD and Microsoft will find themselves have lost control over their own markets. It is a downwardly negative cycle that culminates in the wealth of the Tech industry being transferred to companies like Dell that do not innovate and only creates stagnation. We are already starting to see it as Apple continues to pull farther away from the Wintel camp. The Wintel camp has seen very little innovation in the past few years.

  6. Al: all the anoying buttons and options in software that makes Windows a pain in the ass. The masses perceive this as being indicative of a ‘proper computer’. But this is old ground. We know that windows won that battle. My argument is that whilst the G5 is gonna be an awesome chip I really dont see it leading to Apple to dominate the personal computer market. I was an exclusive PC user for 15 years until 4 months ago. Now I also use and prefer Apple. I am not aware of speed ever having been a reason for not ‘switching’ earlier. My farther for example would love to buy a Mac for his next laptop but looks at the prices and balks. PCs are cheap and appear to offer endless features. The G5 aint gonna change that. Dream on.

  7. John that remains to be seen, but your point is well taken. On a personal note I don’t think a Mac is for everyone. And maybe that is what draws certain professinals to them, but I believe the G5 is going to make some changes in the way programs are written and when the G5 laptops come out at a price that Dell and the other Wintel lap monkeys can only dream about. Apple will have it all Price,Software, Hardware and Raw power. That will be hard to stay away from. Even for the most stubborn PC user.

  8. Schools will *not* be buying G5s, or Wintel boxes in that price range either for that matter. The G5s are simply too expensive (as are most of Apple’s offerings) for them to give serious consideration to them any more.

    As for the rest of the PC world, they are not afraid of the G5. They would be unconcerned about the G5, that is if they thought about it at all. The G5 is irrelevant to virtually all of the PC community. Unless Apple’s products were to miraculously accomplish some crucial task that a PC simply could not accomplish (and had no prospect of being able to accomplish in the future) the PC community is unlikely to notice the goings on at Apple, or care if they do notice.

  9. Someone must be taking notice. Because the FUD machine is well oiled and running at full throttle. Every Apple forum I have visited since the annoucement of the G5 seem to have more traffic with G5 bashers. All of the question should be answered soon enough. And as for schools buying G5’s I agree with you. Maybe the reason the school systems suck is because they don’t use Apple…just kidding.

  10. BR – Go away. “Macs are too expensive” is always the last argument heard from a PC user before the Mac user wins the argument. You know that argument. The argument that always starts as soon as some dick hears about someone who is a Mac user. “Mac sucks.” is usually what starts the argument. That statement is usually followed by something intelligent, which is retorted by the same arguments every time. “They’re only good for graphics.” The argument always ends with “Well, Apple computers are too expensive.” The bottom line, and always the line that wins the argument, “You pay more for quality.”

    BR – You can speak intelligently but you don’t make sense. Everyone knows now that pound-for-pound, Apple computers and Wintel machines are similarly priced. Go to and configure a computer that can do what a Mac can do and has (the closest) performance. You’ll find that Apple and PC computers are about the same in cost for what you get. Now, Apple computers range in price from $800 for a complete system to about $4000 for the loaded DP 2Ghz G5. If you think schools would look at the top of the Mac line, I doubt it. They’d go for an eMac, which is priced at the bottom. By next year, you’ll see eMac G5’s.

    So, go away. Go to a PC forum where you can dog Mac users with other PC users. You’re not welcome here. Bye bye.

    I think it’s amazing how people say that PC’s are cheaper and offer more features. How can you say that? You look to the bottom of the PC line for the prices and then base your comparison to Apple to the top of the PC line. Take the Celeron processor for example. What a piece of shit. People take the software package that comes with a P4/3Ghz, top of the line software package and the price of a POS Celeron and compare that to Mac. John, your dad could go out and buy an old refurbished G3 PowerBook for a few hundred dollars and have an excellent computer. No matter what computer you buy from Apple, it’s better than any COMPARABLE PC!

    RichIP – I don’t think you’ve been doing your homework. Motorola is no longer in the picture. If I’m not mistaken, it was because of Motorola that they weren’t able to keep up with the initial G4 demand. I also doubt that Apple would make the same damn mistake twice.

  11. True or not, it just does not matter. Apple will stay a niche player and will barely change market share (I hope for the positive). Microsoft has nothing to fear and can continue to be the mediocre company they always have been. They will continue to copy others ideas and the vast majority of their customers will continue to believe that Microsoft invents everything and is the only option.

    Apple does not need to be as big as Microsoft. Apple just needs to be big enough to continue its forward momentum.

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