First independent artists hit Apple’s iTunes Music Store; Apple shoots for same usage rules for Wind

Peter Lowe, Director of Marketing for Applications and Services, Apple Computer, gave the afternoon Keynote presentation for the Jupiter Plug.IN Conference and Expo 2003 yesterday. Lowe’s comments were reported in snippets by

“Apple for Windows is on track to launch by the end of this year…Usage rules for Windows version of iTunes: certainly it is our intention to have the broad music rights… Out of all our iTunes sales, 46 percent has been sold as albums..the disintegration of the album has not happened, contrary to what people are saying… First independent artists is now available on iTunes: starting today, Moby is on iTunes…unique and exclusive content from artists have been working very well for us, something others should consider. We have sold 300,000 new iPods since the launch of iTunes music service…total iPods sold now is a million,” said Lowe in part according to

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  1. Has anyone heard about Apple working on a wintel version of iTunes? It has to be in order to get the iTMS to work on a PC, doesn’t it? I can’t imagine they’d try to make it to work with MusicMatch… or will it be a standalone app or just an online service like .Mac?

  2. From the article: Analysis by Jupiter: ” It’s interesting that the one major service that isn’t represented, Apple’s iTunes, doesn’t have a streaming radio service (that I’m aware of). ”

    My feedback: iTunes does have streaming radio. Can someone send this speaker a desktop shot or better yet a demo to wake him up?

  3. they are working on a a itunes client for XP.

    the streaming service they are talking is different from the ones that are in Itunes. other services let users create a custom streamed program of songs they select. itunes lets users listen to internet radio.

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