Apple to launch Best Buy ‘Store Within a Store’ pilot program next month

“Apple Computer plans to start selling its Macintosh computers at certain Best Buy locations, CNET has learned. The Cupertino, Calif.-based computer maker plans next month to launch a pilot program with Best Buy in which the retailer will carry various Mac models at “a few” locations. Best Buy has been selling Apple’s iPod since September of last year,” reports Ina Fried for CNET

Fried reports, “Some Best Buy locations will also have Apple representatives inside the store, similar to a program that Apple has with CompUSA. Apple executives have praised the CompUSA program as helping to boost its retail sales results. An Apple representative declined to say which Best Buy locations will carry Macs, but the program appears to be starting small.” Full story here.

Yesterday, we reported that Macs have already started showing up at certain Best Buy stores. Story here.


  1. Hmmm, wonder how it will play out near me where there is at least one BestBuy right next to a CompUSA store (they share a wall, no less). Will be interesting to see if they attempt it there – and how they will compare.

  2. Would be cool for me. Here in Chicago our CompUSA’s (which are terrible) see Apple but i’ve never seen a apple employee there before. I think bestbuy and Apple togeather store within a store is a good thing. They would fit in well with the new Bestbut computer dept.

  3. The CompUSA and BestBuy here are also back-to-back. The CompUSA Apple Store is staffed by Apple employees. The guy jokes with me about getting miffed by the CompUSA staff for being employed by Apple.

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