Apple should consider selling movies with an online Apple iMovie Store

“An Apple Movie Store could fulfill the same role for the film industry that the iTunes Store has for the record industry: It could serve as role model and test bed for selling legal digital video over the Internet,” writes David Zeiler for The Baltimore Sun. “The key distinguishing feature of an Apple Movie Store would be the ability to buy and own a movie, though with appropriate DRM restrictions patterned on the iTunes Store. The price likely would be a few dollars less than what you’d pay in a retail store, and would depend on the exact terms of the licensing agreement with the movie studio.”

“An Apple Movie Store that offered ownership of the movies, with options for limited DVD burning, would address a demand for permanent files currently served only by the pirate sites… No one would have a better chance at securing these licensing deals than Steve Jobs, who just accomplished the same feat with the five major record labels for the iTunes Music Store,” writes Zeiler.

“In fact, with the iTunes Store as a real-world example of success, Jobs could find enlisting the cooperation of the movie studios an easier task. And as CEO of Pixar Animation Studios Inc., he has the added advantage of being a studio head himself — a member of their club, as it were,” Zeiler writes.

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