Microsoft getting trounced in biggest patent case ever; may have to pay billions to settle

“Last month… Microsoft suffered utter defeat at a crucial pretrial hearing in what appears to be the highest-stakes patent litigation ever


  1. Lets hope that they have the means to take Micro all the way. IMHO MS could just keep delaying the action making it more costlier by the hour for this company if they are really small. Maybe some big companies previously damaged should set up a fighting fund for them.

  2. If I were a Microsoft lawyer, I’d recommend they pay a good $2billion to InterTrust before much more time passes. Not that they couldn’t lobby and get a more agreeable judge, but that they don’t want to win this. They just filed patents on .Net that looks like a glossary for computing and the web–talk about vague and far reaching!

    So if their future strategy is all based on patent grabs and lawsuits, they should be just roll over to a patent holder so that they can claim precedent. Because god knows, much of their stuff is obvious (as in obviously copied from open source but the source code will never see the light of day, kind of obvious).

  3. M$ profiting from someone else’s work. Same shite, different day!

    Intertrust, BG3 has made profits from your work. Settle out-of-court for ALL of those profits, and nothing less.

    Borrow money to pay your lawyers to get it, even if you have to give it all to lawyers and the lender.

  4. YES!!! haha..i hope m$ goes to hell with this one…if microsoft must put a halt to selling all products using this DRM then that means that all of the other vendors selling M$ products will either have to halt sales or they will run out eventually…this could turn into something very big and I wonder that since’s music service worked with microsoft on getting started if they use this same DRM if they do then bye bye this could be huge for apple not only in dominating the computer market but the music as well…oh and imagine that this came around right around the time when people will be buying computers for school. Think of what this means if they go through…they will have to rewrite Window, Windows Media Player, .Net, X-Box ..the whole works!! This could be indeed the end of microsoft, and well if they manage to stick in there then I think that long-horn will just have to wait a few more years to get off the ground …aww darn!


  5. You have to understand that with enough money Microsoft can drag this throught the courts for 1,000 years. Every trial have flaws that the lawyers can turn into appeals, forever. But, more than that if Microsoft delayed enough to rewrite their products without using the offending material, they would be ready to release all new products which would be legal by the time they were directed to cease selling their current products. They then drag any judgement through the courts until they win.

    Bill Gates perjured himself, faked evidence, was convicted of violating the law and the 9th Circuit and the Justice Department let him walk. One judge isn’t going to make a difference.

  6. I don’t give a damn about what anyone says! Congratulations to InterTrust!! I hope they straight up RAPE MicroSUCK!! It’s MicroSTEAL. They’re the shittiest company in the world and the wealthiest and I hope they come down hard! The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Prepare for the revolution!!!

    Anthony, you’re funny man. You’re just like me! Let’s hope you’re right! LOL!!

    Rick, everyone hopes you’re wrong!

  7. I agree with Mac Daddy, its time for a a modern day mac revoloution!!!! Yeah!!!! woo felt good to get that out…but no seriously lets try to get enough people to show their support for InterTrust to bring m$ down once and for all…and let the macintosh revoloution has begin…I think someone should make a website (hint hint). Well for those of you that are interested here are is some infromation I came across:

    Info E-Mail

    InterTrust Technologies Corporation
    4800 Patrick Henry Drive
    Santa Clara, CA 95054

    M$ Infringment Overview:

    Full List Of Products accused of infringment

  8. Wow, looks like InterTrust has laid claim to a lot of areas. They’re just going after the biggest fish first; this is pretty typical of someone with a patent. If they actually pull it off, MS will just pay a reasonable fee — they won’t go bankrupt or anything ridiculous like that. Apple will be on their list as well, and probably Sun, etc.

    Looking at some of the patents, they are ridiculous. Basically transferring stuff securely is one of their patents. Then they mention every possible permutation of transferring stuff from one computer to another. If this goes through it would be bad for everyone.

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