RUMOR: G4 PowerBook updates due soon; PowerBook G5 ‘beginning of 2004’

Some new information about future Apple portables has appeared, “from a very reliable source,” according to MacBidouille. “New Powerbooks are due to arrive at the end of next month. They’ve been delayed because of… Motorola once again. They faced problems producing PPC 7457. The 12″ will be 1.13MHz while the other ones will be 1.25 and 1.33 GHz. USB 2.0 and Firewire 800 will be available on the entire line.”

MacBidouille claims, “no information about a 15″, but we should know soon.”

As for the rumored G5 PowerBooks, “they shall arrive at the beginning of 2004 (perhaps February). There’s still much work to do on the motherboard controller that dissipates too much heat. They’ll have to engrave it in 0.09 Microns,” MacBidouille reports.

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  1. I’m very skeptical. Why introduce new G4s at the end of August only to have G5 PowerBooks just 5 months behind? That seems very tight.

    I am anxious to upgrade my road-weary 550MHz Ti book, but not anxious enough to go with a September ’03 edition of a G4 when G5’s could be just a few months off. I’m sure there are many out there who feel the same.

  2. Personnally, I would be willing to wait for G5 Powerbook.

    Maybe it will have 9 fans on it too. It can hover on my desk so it won’t scratch or dent the aluminum case. (J/K of course)

  3. Not to mention that fact that the G5 is power hungry and VERY hot. I guess Chomper can now complain about the heatsink in the PowerBook being HUUUUGE! heh. Maybe it will be 2″ thick Powerbook and it only lasts 1 hour on batteries. *snicker*

  4. 1.8 GHz PowerPC 970 (G5), 0.13 �m consumes 42 Watts.
    1.8 GHz Pentium 4 (Northwood), 0.13 �m consumes 55 Watts (62 Watt max)

    1.0 GHz PowerPC 7455 (G4) consumes 15 Watts.
    1.8 GHz Mobile Celeron consumes 30 Watts.

    Low power consumption, yet the PowerPC processors are more powerful (despite the deceptive clock speed ratings). Less heat, too. No wonder the battery life on portable Macs is so much longer than on any Wintel portables.

    Intel’s “Centrino technology” Pentium M (Banias) has been able to approach the Macs’ battery life (well, only in their marketing materials – not in reality!) by lowering the clock frequency, disabling the cache until needed, decreasing the clock speed, and using a low power (and slower) bus.

    For more details, visit

  5. Aren’t these the dorks that blew most of the “forcasts” of the Dev Conference…other than the G5 Being announced…they missed everything else.

    Don’t beleive it!

  6. Just give me a new 15″ Al PowerBook with the same features as the 17″. I’m OK with that. They still have a lot of heat issues to deal with to even start thinking about G5 in a Book.

  7. Idgits, RTFA…
    “the motherboard controller that dissipates too much heat.” is not the PPC chip, its the HT Controller “dubed by Apple and IBM (who fabbed it) the “U3” (the previous chip in the G4 was the U2).

    G5 Powerbooks in February 2004? In a pigs eye.

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