Time Magazine: iChat AV and iSight more examples of Apple’s ‘better execution and design’

“Apple’s mission of late has been to take popular concepts and apply better execution and design. Not only is the iPod a better music player, but its software, iTunes, is a seamless interface for managing songs. The same is true for iSight and iChat, the camera-and-videoconferencing couplet introduced by the company several weeks ago,” writes Wilson Rothman for Time Magazine.

Rothman writes, “Videoconferencing has been around for a long while, and for homes with broadband, it ought to be a fairly straightforward. Nevertheless, there is always a certain “advanced” element that scares away most users. Not so with iSight and iChat, which are nearly as simple as billed. This is partly because the requirement bar is set higher than the competition: not only do you need to be using a Mac, you need to be running OS X Jaguar (v.10.2.5) or higher.”

“During our test – between two homes with cable modems – we had to go into iChat preferences and bring the bandwidth limit down to 200K before it would work properly. In other words, we had to lower the amount of data the software tried to send from moment to moment to keep it from choking,” Rothman writes, perhaps forgetting that iChat AV is a beta, not the final version. “Simplified? Yes. Problem-free? Not yet. It seems that not even Apple is beyond a little of the old tech troubleshooting. But it’s still the most painless videoconferencing I’ve witnessed to date.”

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  1. If enough people give feedback about the bandwidth issue, Apple will probably fix it..

    I don’t see how it is something hard to do. Use something like ‘bing’ to measure the maximum bandwidth between the two iChatters. Set bandwidth to a little bit less than that maximum.

    Without feedback, this is a low priority issue for apple I guess, and they will spend the time till deadline working on other issues.

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