aims to provide ‘iTunes Music Store for Windows’ is reportedly about to launch an online music service designed to copy Apple’s iTunes Music Store’s success.

“ will unveil a new music download service next Tuesday with a $40 million promotional campaign and launch celebration in New York’s Times Square,” Dawn C. Chmielewski reports for The Mercury News. “It will seek to emulate the success of Apple’s iTunes Music Store, even as its ad campaign takes jabs at its ‘simplistic’ nature, say recording industry sources who’ve seen the promotion.”

“Like the iTunes Music Store, will sell individual music tracks without collecting an up-front monthly subscription fee; even though it has yet to secure licensed music from all five major record labels, knowledgeable sources say,” Chmielewski reports. “The success of the iTunes store, which sold 5 million singles in the first two months, is proving to be a turning point in an online music business that has been dominated by obscure players. It awakened interest from giant online retailers like and prompted even established Internet services like America Online, MSN, RealNetworks and Yahoo to re-examine their digital music offerings.”

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  1. Geez – isn’t everybody suddenly delivering a music service designed to copy iTunes Music Store without having anything in common with iTMS. First question: what’s the name of the stand-alone application they have developed? Oh, right – it’s browser-based.

    In fact, it will have nothing at all in common with iTMS, except that it will have something to do with selling music.

  2. Sorry – I didn’t read the article closely enough.
    “It will seek to emulate the success of Apple’s iTunes Music Store”

    It’s will be just like iTMS because it will be “successful.”
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  3. <quote>Oh, right – it’s browser-based.</quote>

    Apple’s iTunes Music Store is also browser based. It uses Safari embedded in an iTunes window to show you the store. All transactions are using the HTTP protocol.


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