Video of Apple Retail Santa Monica Store Grand Opening now online

iCalWorld has posted a video of fridays grand opening of the Santa Monica Apple Store on their web site. See it here.


  1. That video almost makes me ashamed to be a Mac guy!!!! Or those Apple employees dancing just need to get thier asses kicked…

    One of the two. If I were Steve Jobs, I’d fire ’em all…

  2. Lighten up. Apple Store openings are a lot of fun. If other retailers had such high-quality products and personable sales people, we wouldn;t have an economic slump.

  3. Shut the hell up with your political idealogoy and mindless preprogrammed partisan banter you fscks. Every thread nowadays has some dipshit laying down potshots for their team.

    Note to everyone: in that split second before you type words like Bush, Clinton, Daschle, Powell, Cheney… and so on, first walk over to the nearest wall outlet and stick your tongue in it.

  4. I have to say those employees were pretty gay. Infact every time I goto the apple store the employees are either really dumb or snotty. Still I think the apple store is a great thing I just wish they had better people.

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