Televio TV Tuner 1.6 with Universal Remote features released for Mac OS X

Meilenstein, a German software development company, today announced the PCI TV Tuner solution Televio 1.6. Televio is the only product available that enhances Apple PowerMac computers with a
full size and high grade TV picture with stereo audio, a IR remote that controls all Mac applications and a stereo FM radio.

The 125 channel TV-Tuner and the 9-bit Philips ADC stream a “crystal-clear TV video stream” with a full 640 x 480 size and 29.97 fps frame rate (NTSC). The stereo TV sound is decoded by 2 x 16-bit 32 MHz audio ADC. The integrated IR remote is able to send key events to every Mac application.

Televio features:
– 24-Key IR Remote included
– Stereo TV Audio
– Stereo FM Radio
– Captures to QuickTime movies
– Channel Preview (Thumbnails of Selected Channels in One Window)
– Uses Little CPU Power in Preview Mode
– S-Video and Composite Video Input
– Additional Audio Input
– Versions for NTSC, PAL and SECAM TV Standards Available

Televio is compatible with Mac OS X 10.1.5 and up, including Jaguar for US$149.95.

More information at the Televio site here.


  1. Never mind! I found it on the Dr. Bott site, but it’s not listed under “New Items: or “Comming Soon”. Sorry if I caused any confusion for anyone.

  2. Televio PCI turner card is excellent. I’ve used it for two months. Great record features. Excellent support. Formac DTV can’t compare and no firewire port is used. Video camera inputs and very good FM turner. EyeTV and Formac are a waste compared to this tuner. Brought from Germany in 4 day turn around. You will be happy with this product.

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