.Mac members get .Mac Bookmarks service; synced Bookmarks everywhere

Apple’s .Mac members now have access to .Mac Bookmarks which lets you sync your Safari bookmarks with .Mac. Apple has also updated its Backup application that can be used with a .Mac account.

Using .Mac Bookmarks is easy. It requires Safari 1.0 and iSync 1.1. .Mac Bookmarks provides a browser window which lets to manage your bookmarks on any Internet-connected computer, including when you’re stuck on a Windows box at work. You can use it anywhere on any internet-connected computer; internet cafe, Apple Retail Store, at the public library, etc. Add, edit, delete, or rearrange your bookmarks, and they’ll be synchronized across multiple Macs and on the Web via iSync and appear that way in Safari’s local bookmarks. It works; we tried it!

Apple is also offering a new version of Backup (1.2.3) to .Mac subscribers. The update lets you back up music purchased from the iTunes Music Store.

More information on .Mac Bookmarks and Apple .Mac here.

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  1. MacFixit states that support for 3rd party drives in Backup has returned in version 1.2.3…but not only does the download page say otherwise, but I just got an error trying to backup to my external QPS CD drive.

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