Detour controls audio levels and outputs for all your Mac OS X applications

Detour lets you control where audio from all your programs is going. Whether you send it to your speakers, your headphones, or mute it all together, you’re in charge. Technically speaking, Detour allows you to send audio to different output devices on an application-specific basis. What does that mean exactly?

It means you can:
– send music from iTunes to your external speakers and keep the annoying beeps and blips of iChat going through your computer’s built-in speaker.
– mute any application’s sounds all together.
– change the volume of some applications relative to others. Make your email client’s alerts quieter, and you’ll never again be jarred from work just to receive spam.
– When you use Detour, you can choose between your speakers, headphones, built-in speaker, iMic, MiniDisc player or anything else which the system sees as an audio output and send it the audio from a specific application. Along the way, you can adjust the volume as well.

If you use audio on your computer in any way, from MP3s to movies, from instant messaging to internet radio, check out Detour here.

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  1. I always wondered why Apple didn’t put something like this on the system. When I have my Soundsticks on and I put in the headphone jack, the soundsticks stay on.

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