Apple’s iSight ‘just about everything a user wants to see in a webcam’

“Apple Computer Inc. must know their iSight is 20-20 because the new, way-cool little Web camera offers just about everything a user wants to see in a webcam,” Craig Crossman reports for Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service.

Crossman continues, “For starters, the iSight is easy on the eyes. Known for their product’s clean lines and almost Zen-like simplicity, Apple’s iSight is a small, silver cylinder that sports tiny air holes on most of its surface.”

“The iris is so well constructed that you’re hard-pressed to see its seams when it’s closed. Opening and closing the iris is indicated on the software application as well. Both the iris position and the camera are auto-detected by the included iChat AV software,” reports Crossman.

Full article here.


  1. “… at three times the cost they want to pay. I mean let’s be honest here, the iSight is sweet. But it’s a luxury item.”

    It’s just a little bit more than the iBot, and it’s a whole lot better.

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