‘Frames’ Presentation Building System for Keynote released

Keynoteuser.com has announced the release of Frames.

Frames is more than just a Keynote theme, it’s a complete Presentation Building System. If you are tired of cheesy or cutesy Themes that won’t do in a professional business world, you need Frames. With more slides and extras than you can imagine, Frames gives you all the tools to make incredible presentations.

Frames comes in 3 flavors: Frames Standard contains 26 slide layouts and a few extras, Frames Pro comes with 60 slide layouts and 14 pages of extras and Frames PowerUser comes with 96 slide layouts, 30 pages of extras, additional slide overlays and tutorials on making your own photo cutouts.

Frames is available today for $9.95, $19.95 and $29.95

More info here.

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