Licensing disputes delay launch of European iTunes Music Store until 2004

“Attempts by Apple Computer to launch a European version of its online ‘Music Store,’ where people can download individual songs, has been held up until next year by disputes between record companies and their artists over licensing,” reports The Independent.

“The delay could mean more problems for the record companies, which face a growing tide of online piracy with the increase in high-speed “broadband” connections in Europe, and frustration for Apple, which has seen 5 million tracks sold at 99 cents each through its US-only online “iTunes Music Store” since its launch eight weeks ago,” The Independent reports.

“In Europe, though, different artists can have different arrangements in each country over how much they are paid for a digital download – if such clauses are in their contract at all. That has caused headaches for Apple, which wants to take advantage of its momentum in the US to roll the program out in the rest of the world,” according to The Independent.

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  1. well, at least apple can get france to comply… threaten to invade them with a vicious horde of apple geeks and I guarantee you that they will surrender in less than a day.

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  2. In the computer world, does the rest of the world really matter. Europe is the loser if the companies and artist can’t get their act together. In my opinion, if Apples gets ITMS to Windoze before micro$oft and others can force some subscription model on windoze users, then reasonableness will win.

    Did anyone read about the home networking standards proposed by all the major players. Beware, it is an attempt to head replace rendevous and its ease of use.


  3. CitizenX, ‘In the computer world, does the rest of the world really matter’, I assume by ‘computer world’ you mean America? Does it surprise you to learn that there are other countries in the world, and they have running water, inside toilets, and electricity sockets into which one can plug a computer? That computer could be a Mac and as such, the owner could be an Apple customer! the rest of the world should very much matter to Apple.

    I agree that Europe will loose out if a deal cannot be struck. It seems that the artists and labels complain that sales are down (piracy not being the only factor by any means) but drag their feet when new oppertunities are offered to them.

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